7 Ranked Quirky Things That You Can Do in Dubai

Quirky things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a town that had to go through many hurdles to transform from something as menial as a transport hub for passengers and cargo. It started out as a transport hub, then came oil, then came the UAE union and now this place is so modern that it got its own flavour of quirkiness. Now, a major hub of tourism, there are things to do hear that are quirky to the point of being laughable, but still they are all enjoyable.

Here is the 7 quirky things that you can engage with when you are in Dubai

Rank 7: The dune Safari:

Dune Safari

The Dubai desert safari can be very well called the dune safari considering these are the primary features on which the ride is taken. In the Dubai desert safari, you can take your hummer of a quad bike to trek across the sand dunes at speeds that will give you rush and seeing the sand particles jumping over and around the tires is a lot of fun. The dune safari might not be the quirkiest of activities you do here, but even adults start to feel a wee bit like a child partaking in such an activity.

Rank 6: The Lounge that lets you ChillOut:

Chillout Lounge

Interesting wordplay aside, if you are feeling a bit beat down in the sun of the desert safari, you can go to another extreme at the ChillOut Lounge. This entire lounge is made up of ice and when you hear the word Lounge, you know that you are going to have some alcoholic fun as well. In order for you to beat the cold, you would also get amazing drinks that include alcohol, tea, mocktails, sandwiches, and also a collection of warm clothes. While the idea from going hot to going cold is good in theory, it is not good for the system. Therefore, you should really abstain coming here straight from the desert Safari.

Rank 5: Get your face covered with gold:

Face Cover with Gold

Well, there is relaxing, and then there is relaxing in the most flamboyant way possible.  Here, we are not talking about simple spas that would massage your back using lava shells or a strong stream of healing oils; we are talking about facial with nothing but gold leaf. This morbidly extravagant way to relax might not be suited for everyone, but anyone can do with their face covered with gold once in a while.

Rank 4: Yoga with a twist:

Aka Swing Yoga

Do you enjoy the mystical art of yoga, the most peaceful form of exercise, where instead of shredding sweat, you end up gaining relaxation? Well, now we talk about yoga with a twist, aka Swing Yoga. It is same as normal Yoga, except for the fact that you would be upside down, with your legs tied, and your face red (probably). This is considered to be a relaxing technique that must be tried at least once in your lifetime. While this thing is unique, it is not to be trifled with if you ha equilibrium issues.

Rank 3: Drive a race car:

Drive Formula 1 Car

Why would this activity be kept above facial with a gold leaf? The reasoning behind this is simple, we have all dreamt about driving a race car ever since we were kids. You can now engage with driving a formula 1 car and enjoy the speed that will make you dream even bigger. Also, this car is probably more than your house, so driving it (if you know how to) is practically a no brainer.

Rank 2: The gold Ice cream:

Gold Ice Cream

We can easily say that gold has become sort of synonymous with the luxury that Dubai offers. They are in no way necessary, but we are glad that they are here anyway. Presenting the Gold Ice Cream is a Sundae which is vanilla flavoured, has black truffles on in, and is covered with 23-carat gold flakes. Why the ice cream is sprinkled with 23-carat gold flakes you ask? The reason is simple, because it gives you a feeling of an unexplained satisfaction that can only happen in the presence of sprinkled gold.

Rank 1: Defy gravity in safety:

Defy Safety Gravity

Yes! For the adventurous in you who likes taking a lot of risk, this may sound like a cop-out, but still, the art of flyboarding provides you with the same feeling that skydiving does, almost. The iFly Dubai puts you inside the chamber, where the upstream of artificially generated wind lifts you up in a way that you feel like you are skydiving. “Safely defying gravity”, is a word that nobody considers, but if it gets your adrenaline pumping, there is no sport better than this. Why is this Rank 1? Simple, for one it is truly the most unique one among the listed and secondly, everybody dreams of flying, and now they can!

If you truly want to feel like you have lived, do something quirky, for it bestows upon you the value of life

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