Amandeep Singh

I am firat and foremost a traveler who seeks not to engage with the conventional things to do. Therefore, being fun as the primary motif of my travels, I make sure that I look for unconventional things to enjjoy in the places that I go to. I travel and i write about it so that others like my can enjoy the same.   

Articles from this author

7 Trademark Mistakes

Imagine, you have successfully established your brand name in the market by working hard for years and giving everything to build it. Everything is going well and you possess a large customer base with the good market image. Then suddenly one day you are barred from using your name, or you are penalized with hefty penalties or punishments

Quirky things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a town that had to go through many hurdles to transform from something as menial as a transport hub for passengers and cargo. It started out as a transport hub, then came oil, then came the UAE union and now this place is so modern that it got its own flavour of quirkiness