5 Ultimate Mobile App Development Trends for 2021

5 Ultimate Mobile App Development Trends for 2021

The average time spent on smart devices daily has been increasing over the years. Mobile app development technology is continuously evolving and flourishing in this digital era. Thus, you have to keep up with the latest mobile app development trends. Research shows that android is the most demanding operating system with more than 3 million apps in the play store. Due to increasing popularity, most enterprises are opting for android app development to reinforce their user base. Here are a few mobile app development trends that will give you a better insight into what will dominate in the upcoming years.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a program that replicates human intelligence into machines to learn problem-solving skills. A subset of AI is machine learning (ML), which refers to a concept that programs can automatically learn and adapt to recent changes through regular usage patterns. Virtual assistants have made our lives way easier with features like automatic locking doors, turning on/off electronic devices from anywhere, and many more. Features like voice translations, user behavior predictions, face unlock, and high app authenticity makes.AI very popular in mobile app development.

Beacon technology

Beacons have been part of android app development since Google launched it in 2015. Beacons are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to send signals to nearby devices. Each bacon device connects the nearby device with a unique identifier, and once connected, they start providing pieces of information that have been programmed. Beacon only contains three parts: CPU, radio transmission, and batteries. Beacons use BLE, which means they use less energy and make beacons be used for a more extended period. Due to it being cost-effective and easy to install, many businesses like hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and hospitals have started using beacon technology in their premises.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things refers to a physical device that collects all the data such as e-mails, contacts, and meetings. IoT collects all the digital device data and enables them to communicate to real-time data without human interference. Pretty much every device can be connected via the internet, and this way, IoT devices make our routine life convenient. For example, smart bulbs, Motion sensors, smart thermostats, and automated toys. IoT-enabled appliances are cost-effective. Industries are using data generated by these devices to deliver efficient services.

On-demand apps

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the usage of the on-demand app has increased excessively. You can get anything and any service at your doorstep with just a single click. Due to it being convenient than other apps, this mobile app development trend will stay longer in the market. Transportation sectors, healthcare, food industry, retail market, and home services are growing on-demand services. Readily available, multiple payment options, transparency, easy tracking, and cost-efficiency make the on-demand app convenient and user-friendly.

Wearable apps

A group of smart devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers is called wearable. The intelligent wearable connects you with your devices via apps. Wearable technology lets you control all your smart devices, fitness trackers, computers, and many more. As a monitor device, it has a great potential in generating revenue. Wearable technology makes all the essential changes in app development to make it user-centric and more efficient with passing the time. Smartwatches, smart prosthetics, smart glasses and contact lenses, ECG monitors and biosensors, and 3D-printing of bio tissues are some of the wearable technology examples.


With all the latest innovative mobile app development trends such as 5G technology, instant apps, biometric authentication, and more, our experience in the mobile app will be enhanced in 2021. Integrating all these trends in smart devices is a big step for any business, but you can build your app with sufficient planning and knowledge that will stand out in the market. Hopefully, this article will provide you sufficient information and make it easy to visualize your idea.

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