10 Tips to Travel with Children

Travel with Children

Traveling as a family gives us the unique opportunity to create fantastic and indelible memories in the memory of our children. However, on many occasions, vacations can become a real hell if we do not plan them correctly and do not take into account the needs of children. We offer you these tips for traveling with children, so you don't have to worry about anything other than enjoying the experience.

1. Consider the age.

When choosing the destination, the first thing you should consider is the age of your children and depending on it the climate, distance, services and leisure offer of the different options.

It is not advisable to make long-distance pleasure trips with babies or very young children. They will not remember it and, surely, you will not be able to enjoy the destination by being limited by your needs and schedules.

2. Children must be involved.

This way they will feel more participating instead of thinking that we take them from here to there without counting on them. Besides, all this will seem more attractive if they already have an idea of what will happen, the means of transport they will take or the places they will visit.

You can consult together maps of the destination, learn about the customs and typical features of their culture. You can also watch a movie or read books set in the chosen place. As well as create a countdown calendar together or the list of places you don't want to miss.

3. Rest is important.

Taking rests every two hours is recommended, and although everyone wants to get to their destination as soon as possible, hurry can play tricks. Keep in mind that, children have a different rhythm than adults. Agree with them about the places to visit and do not abuse their patience.

Leave days free of activities and plan visits at a slower pace than if you were just adults, leaving room for children to have time to eat and rest as necessary depending on their age.

4. Arrange the Necessary Documentation.

The Passport is necessary if you bring your child with you. Take preparation in advance for the visas and documentation they need to visit any particular country and the time it takes to get it.

It is also advisable to take out the European Health Card is valid for one year and is requested online. It certifies the right to receive the necessary health benefits, during a short stay, have any member country of the European Union.

5. In the case of separated or divorced parents

They must inform their ex-partner of the trip and, if possible, bring the family book and the divorce decree, as well as a consent signed by the other parent. This will avoid problems in certain countries and allow you to travel more calmly. It can be processed at any police station and is completely free.

6. Arrange Luggage.

If they are very small, the responsibility of your Luggage is completely yours, but after 6 years you can pack together; and from the 10 must be his task, although you will have to supervise it.

One trick to motivate this is to let them choose what Luggage design to wear as well as that they put both their clothes and their favorite toy. Sometimes cheap kids Luggage can be great fun for your child.

7. Plan the route before leaving.

It is advisable to be clear about the way forward to avoid giving rise to any unforeseen events. Knowing beforehand where the rest areas are or the location of the gas stations will prevent the trip from being endless.

If you travel using other transportation vehicle, we recommend that you download the plans of the city as well as the official app of the city (such as the subway).

8. Total control of children

Remember that you will be in a place outside your comfort zone, so the precaution has to be double so that they do not get lost or leave with anyone. We recommend tricks such as writing your phone number on your arm or wearing it on a neck strap. You, for your part, should take a card from the accommodation and always carry it over.

9. First aid kit and medicines

Another of the tips for traveling with children is to save the first aid material with strips, antibiotic cream and pain relievers. It is good to have it just in case some unforeseen happens.

It is also advisable to make a prior consultation with the pediatrician, nobody better than him will know how to advise you on the necessary medications.

10. Be respectful and inform

You have to be respectful to others, teach it to your children too. Ask permission before taking pictures of churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and other religious centers. In some countries, you may be prohibited to take a picture of any building!

Find out about their customs, both time and celebrations or studies. With this, you will teach children how important it is to empathize with others and know how to tolerate them.

We also advise you to try to learn some phrases of their language, take a dictionary or an app, the inhabitants there will thank you and your children will take that important habit of having an open mind.

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