10 Minecraft Mods You Need to Try


Perhaps you've played countless hours and now very much want some new items, scenery, and overall possibilities to play with. Enter the mod. If you're one of the millions of Minecraft fans out there, this article is just for you. Here are 10 of the coolest Minecraft modifications that you need to try now.

Crystal Caves


The Crystal Caves Mod brings real-life beauty and geology to the game. With this mod, one may tunnel beneath the ground and find actual crystal formations. These crystals can then go on to be used for resilient tools and the making of a number of other useful wares as well.




For the longest time, Minecraft allowed for entire landscapes to be molded, yet there was no furniture to be found in this vast world of possibilities. Now, thanks to this most overdue of Minecraft mods, one can decorate their landscapes with all kinds of fantastic furniture. From outdoors to in, and everything between, this mod brings some much-needed, modern swank to the Minecraft experience.




Along the same lines as the above-mentioned Furniture Mod, the Decocraft Mod also gives the player an extra helping of personal flair for the wielding. With this mod, players are provided with a healthy palette of art and decoration wares to employ at will. Christmas, Halloween, or a birthday - some totally cool means to celebrate are all right here.

Optifine HD


One of the newest of mods on this list is Optifine HD. Although this one doesn't provide fancy gadgets or furnishings to play with per se, it does completely improve gamer experience in other ways. It does this by speeding up the game's FPS performance as well as providing an extensive interface with which the player can adjust all types of new, performance-abating settings.


Matmos Sound


One of the admittedly lacking elements to Minecraft's overall experience is its lack of sound. Whether it be the music or the game's silence in terms of environmental happenings, countless players have grimaced at this glaring shortcoming. The Matmos Sound Mod, however, changes all that. With this mod, an overall quiet gaming experience becomes filled with a lush environment of reactive sounds and active music to enjoy.


Minecraft Comes Alive


Another past complaint about Minecraft has involved its somewhat lackluster personalities and AI. As such, the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod is perfect for those with this complaint. This mod essentially brings to life villages and AI within the game, creating personalities, extended dialogue, and an overall much deeper interaction level to be experienced.




For those unfamiliar, the term "Creepy Pasta" refers to horror stories as well as the various outlets for them. Drawing directly from that same love for the abominable, the Creepypastacraft Mod turns the ordinary version of Minecraft into a virtual Spooksville. Experience scary, peculiar, and creepy characters, events, and other surprises with this one.


Better World Generation


Some have apparently grown bored with the way in which Minecraft generates its playable landscapes. One result of this is the Better World Generation Mod. This mod was created to allow the user to select a generation type for Minecraft's next landscape. Stranded on a deserted island, in alpha or beta land - the landscape generation choices continue on from here.




Biosphere is a mod that really transforms the physical premise of the world of Minecraft. This is done by transforming the traditional, terrestrial landscapes of the game into individual, bubble-enclosed spheres. Each sphere essentially floats in space and can be connected to other spheres via bridge.


Instant Massive Structures


Last but not least in our list of Minecraft mods is the one that is commonly referred to as "the cheat mod". If time won't allow for the grandeur of your plans, assembled piece by piece, then use this mod to add entire structures as one in no time at all. 24 crafting recipes make for instant progress in all kinds of ways.


Minecraft is all about the possibilities that become available when the imagination couples with able tools. Mods are all about expanding just that range of possibilities. These 10 Minecraft mods are some of the coolest today that you should definitely try out sooner rather than later.



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