Why Content Is Called The King In Digital Marketing Practices

content is king

Words are powerful and this seems to be truer than ever before. It can influence thoughts so written words are optimally used to achieve marketing goals. One of the important tools of successful digital marketing is content creation. For quite a long time now, more and more companies have been relying on content for maximum impact. So, you must write a blog post or article, and make it SEO-compatible for selling, branding, and communicating with your audience and the market at large.

How Can Content Open The Floodgates Of Revenue For Your Business

The market is unapologetically competitive and the key to success varies from time to time. However, among all the chaos and uncertainty there is one element that you can trust and remains unchanged for ages the power of written words. “Words are mightier than a sword;” truly it is! SEO-friendly content lies at the core of successful digital marketing. Here are some interesting ways in which content empowers your digital marketing efforts and branding.


  • Focused messages: There are millions of content over the internet but not all can be made to the readers. This is particularly because readers don’t find it interesting. Most of the content goes unread because readers don’t look for it. SEO article writing is done with chosen keywords which makes the content more relevant to readers’ requirements. The messages delivered through it are focused on either providing the required information, resolving an issue, or anything that readers find useful.
  • Information on demand: A number of tools are used to find out popular searches. This gives a clear idea to the writer to find out what the audiences want to know or are looking for. You can thus create a blog that presents the required information and promotes your products through it.
  • Perennial relationship with audience: Carefully planned SEO-friendly content is instrumental in establishing a relationship of trust and confidence with your customers. It also goes a long way in making it a long-term relationship.
  • Brand establishment and awareness: In order to bring your brand to the notice of the market, it needs to be written about. The purpose of content creation in digital marketing is to make people take note of your brand with the help of SEO-friendly content. It is highly effective for brand establishment and awareness.
  • Increase online traffic: Keywords make the difference. SEO-compatible content is created that matches the popular search results and thus diverts significant traffic to your brand website or other social media platforms.
  • Creates a loyal consumer database: Content is created for different purposes – for selling, communicating to your consumers, resolving their queries, conveying information, and more. Content responds to the needs and requirements of customers from time to time and like this, it wins their loyalty. This goes a long way in creating a loyal consumer database.
  • Customer retention: The relationship between a customer and a brand goes through a number of stages. After considerable time customers may consider other brands or may have complaints. Content is used to deal with such a crisis by communicating strategized messages to modify their views about your brand. This goes a long way in retaining customers.


“Content is king” and you have every reason to believe this. SEO-friendly content is used for the different channels of digital marketing; content is at its core. So when aiming for an independent and rewarding venture, make sure to invest in effective content creation.


The quote “content is king” is originally from an essay Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996. In it, he describes the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content. The phrase “content is king” is not new, but because of the increased focus on content marketing strategies, the quote is used very often. -  textbroker.com

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