Why Buying Instagram Followers Is Not a Wise Decision for Social Media Marketers

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In the past couple of years, a huge rise in Instagram users has been witnessed. In June 2018, Instagram hit 1 billion monthly users, and this is unquestionably a huge volume. The reason seems to be the updated features, which has allured a large number of personal as well as business users.

Instagram has become a hub for entrepreneurs as it is full of marketing opportunities nowadays. One of the major aspects of promotion over Instagram is to increase the followers. Increasing followers builds your authority on Instagram. It may also include you under the influencers in a particular domain. Moreover, the big follower base also builds your trust among the audiences.

There are a lot of tactics used by marketers for businesses to increase their followers on Instagram. But, if there are some genuine ways, there are also some mistakes that marketers often do.

One of the most common mistakes is to buy followers, which is definitely not a wise decision for social media marketers.

Buying Instagram followers can definitely be equated with black hat SEO techniques, which are for the purpose of cheating Google algorithms. These techniques do not work anymore, and now the marketers are forced to use genuine Instagram SEO techniques to get the required results.

Similarly, when you buy the followers, it is not supposed to be a genuine way and may not benefit your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid buying Instagram followers.

1.You Do Not Get Proper User Engagement

It is a known fact that user engagement is a necessary aspect of social media marketing; otherwise, it will also become just an advertisement, which may not be much beneficial for your business.

When you buy the followers, you do not get genuine engagements. You can only get the engagements like “nice post” from these purchased accounts, which is nothing more than a bot-like activity.

On the other hand, if you get genuine followers, you find the proper engagements. The comments can be marked as proper engagements when the users share their experiences and ask their questions. These engagements are must-required, and they enhance your trust in the market.

In addition to this, the engagements seem to be almost impossible when you go live in the Instagram stories. The live videos are useful when you have some genuine audiences, most of which come from your followers. The purchased followers don’t give much heed to the live videos. On the other hand, the live videos provide the way to entrepreneurs and directly interact with the users, and this is not possible in the case of purchased followers.

2.Mismatched Engagements

Apart from the improper engagements, you also get the mismatched engagements. The engagements come relative to the number of followers. Instagram accounts with genuine followers usually have similar ratios of engagements.

When you purchase the followers, it can push your engagement statistics that is outside an acceptable range. It makes your account look questionable. It is also not good for your trust in the market. Moreover, there are also the chances of action from the side of Instagram.

3.You Can Get Irrelevant or Spam Comments

When you purchase the followers, you get a number of fake accounts, who engage in your posts, with irrelevant, inappropriate or spam comments. Sometimes, you get the comments in a totally different language.

On the other hand, there may be comments with some sort of advertisements, which are totally irrelevant according to your industry.

Some of these comments are spam or inappropriate, and advertise something that is unacceptable according to Instagram policies.

These types of comments are not good for your account. They repel the genuine followers and make your account untrustworthy

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned ones are some of the reasons why it is not supposed to be a wise decision for social media marketers to buy followers. The major purpose of social media is to build trust in the market, which is defeated with purchased followers. On the contrary, you lose the trust sometimes, when something unusual takes place in your account by these fake followers.  This is why it is not recommended by social media experts to use this option.

For the safer side, it is often suggested to hire professional social media marketers to work for Instagram marketing for you. Giving your Instagram or social media project to a digital marketing company is one of the best options for you.

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