6 Instagram Accounts We Bet That Will Scare You To Death In 2023

Instagram Accounts

I spend a fair amount of time on Instagram and I came across several accounts with creepy content thanks to a strange web of related profiles. It could have been because I spent time researching and writing about several strange scary Instagram accounts. However, despite how I came across them, they are real and quite bizarre.

We naturally have an interest in the bizarre and the macabre, and I believe that our desire to explain the unfathomable fuels our curiosity. A lot of the content you're about to see is strange because you won't be able to easily explain its contents, even though the truly bizarre can freak us out.

Therefore, let's check your interest. Take a look at these six scary Instagram accounts.


Thus, full disclosure: I've seen more profiles that have scared me than this one. While different profiles had saving graces or the like, Salvjiia's can plain upset. A bizarre humanoid creature is depicted in photographs on their page, some of which appear to be inspired by modeling.

I've looked at a few of their pictures, but I can't figure out much about the character. Some of the pictures talk about dealing with sexuality, like being "femme, transgender, or human," so maybe one of the underlying ideas is that it represents how some people think of people who are uncomfortable with their sexual orientation.

Truly, your supposition is presumably comparable to mine. The goal is to just come up with the weirdest content while sticking to a theme. Regardless, I hope we can at least agree that we are both rather perplexed at the moment.

I mean, the figure doesn't appear to have arms in some of these pictures. It's just so bizarre, and I'm unable to pinpoint where the photos were taken, making them even more terrifying. I have a lot of questions, and I don't think they will get answered soon.


To frighten people, you don't always need gore or props; sometimes, all you need are words to get in their heads. Enter @tinyscifi, whose posts are science fiction premises that can take your mind on an adventure and are typically only a few sentences long. Frequently whimsical ideas that spoof exemplary science fiction sayings like time travel, substitute aspects, and robots, this profile is an incredible approach to launch your wandering off into a fantasy land of another life.


In their artwork, Dos Diablos takes the concept of surrealism and transforms it into something truly bizarre and twisted. I especially enjoy looking at their work because it is so bizarre and creepy. I also find it fascinating that they can depict things on canvas that I could never imagine.

Their characters appear to be fleshy, human-like beings, but they deform and occasionally have spider-like joints and limbs, which is extremely unsettling.

To be honest, I'd love to see Dos Diablos collaborate with Creeptoons or another animator to make some of their characters come to life. I can't imagine how I would react if I saw them move around on my screen because the way some of them are just painted on canvas freaks me out.


Photographic artist Laura Makabresku depicts her style as being saturated with components of fables, legends, and imagery. These factors are evident right away if you take a quick look at her Instagram profile. Her work takes on an exceptionally dull and serious 1800s energy, and it is inconceivably tormenting. Her work puts us effectively into a world obscure to us and makes it so credible.

Crows, which are used to hide people's faces and possibly represent death, are depicted in her work. Overall, her dedication to creating her images and the thought she puts into each scene is amazing.

I wish I had more to say regarding her work, however, you simply have to see her profile to get the full impact and feel a debt of gratitude. I set out on my journey to find the creepiest profiles I could, and while I did find a lot of them, the ones that gave us a glimpse of haunting beauty rather than just creepiness were the ones that stuck with me the most.


Everybody has experienced the dreadful nightmare of bizarre creatures invading our communities. Well, those worlds were made real thanks to digital artist Joe Pascale. His films strangely shaped men roaming over top of Toronto landmarks like the Rogers Centre, TTC, and Kensington Market digitally. Joe's work takes familiar locations and makes them more real. It's hard to visit those places again without expecting something strange to happen behind you.


On the off chance that those reproductions make them want the genuine film, @scaryflix has got you covered. The account is a collection of some of the best, worst, most gruesome, and strangest scenes ever seen in a horror film. This profile includes creepy and campy clips from all of them, as every horror fan knows that the only thing better than a good horror film is a bad one. It's a great way to remind yourself of movies you should watch again and discover scary movies you haven't seen before. Also, as you can probably imagine, this profile is a little bit NSFW.

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