What to Do in Cancun During Your Trip?

What to Do in Cancun

The number of activities to do in the city of Cancun during your trip is enormous. In addition to everything that the main hotels in Cancun offer you (especially the all-inclusive ones), the city offers many more options.

Visiting its beautiful beaches, eating in restaurants that offer the most different menus, spending the day shopping in its shopping centers and handicraft markets, partying at night in the many discos and clubs, exploring museums and Mayan ruins, are just some of the main tourist attractions in Cancun.

Here are the 10 best activities to do in Cancun on your next flights to Cancun.

1. Eating out in Cancun

Enjoying the gastronomy of Mexico is one of the activities to do in Cancun that you cannot miss on your trip. Both within the hotels and in the city you can find a wide range of restaurants that offer the most varied options in dishes, prices, and styles:

Restaurants with typical food from Mexico and the region, traditional food places from different countries of the world, others specialized in seafood and fish, fast food outlets, exclusive and luxurious or popular and simple spaces.


2. Go shopping

Shopping in one of the city’s malls and markets is one of the best things to do in Cancun. There are them for all tastes: Fashion, recognized brands, jewelry, perfumes, popular or high prices, and handicraft markets with products from Mexico, as well as gift and souvenir shops.

For those who love shopping, they will certainly find excellent places according to their preferences.


3. Live the adventure of the Riviera Maya

If you are one of those who prefer adventure and other recreational activities before laying down to rest on the beach, you are in the right place, since numerous agencies offer different tours and excursions in Cancun (which offer transfers from hotels, food, and more.) such as scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, bike rides through the mountains, tours to explore fabulous underground rivers and cenotes, among others.



Numerous tours can take you to this beautiful place near Playa del Carmen. And it is that is Río Secreto, one of the best tourist attractions in Cancun, you can travel more than 600 meters swimming and walk through its underground rivers full of crystal formations that show the geological history of the earth, as well as witness an unparalleled visual spectacle.

It is an excellent excursion suitable for the whole family. Children from 4 years old can take this tour.



One of the most impressive attractions in Cancun, the Riviera Maya, and the Yucatan Peninsula are the spectacular cenotes.

Just 25 minutes from Cancun you can find La Ruta de Los Cenotes, which covers some 36km of precious vegetation, where you can contemplate the beauties of the jungle and immerse yourself in these deep holes, as well as live the adventure of doing: zip line, hiking, renting jet skis, diving, snorkeling, etc.

To get to the cenotes you can do it on your own, or by hiring one of the multiple tours in Cancun. I recommend that you take a look at the Xenotes Oasis Maya tour, one of the best and most complete to get to know the cenotes.



The Riviera Maya has one of the largest coral banks in Mexico and the world, being the habitat of a great variety of marine species. With its warm and crystal clear waters, appreciating this beauty of nature by snorkeling or diving is truly one of the most exciting activities in Cancun that no visitor should miss.


7. Enjoy the beaches and islands of Cancun

Of course, one of the main (if not the most important) reasons, why people travel to Cancun, is for its spectacular beaches. So, no list of things to do in Cancun would be complete without a visit to numerous beaches in the city, located both in the hotel zone, close to the best hotels in the city, and in its surroundings, somewhat away from the crowds and more.

There are public and private ones, with calm and shallow waters or rough and deep waters for practicing different sports and activities.

Besides, boats constantly depart from its pier that takes tourists to paradisiacal islands such as Isla Mujeres, one of the best tourist places in Cancun.



The beaches located in the hotel zone of Cancun are true jewels of nature that receive thousands of tourists every year. Not in vain are they considered by many to be the best beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Besides, if you are looking for what to do in Cancun without money, the beaches of the Hotel Zone are a good option, since most are public, have first-class facilities, and are very close to most of the hotels in Cancun.

Playa Delfines, Playa Tortugas, Playa Langosta or Playa Caracol, each one has particular characteristics according to its location on the coast, which determines the depth and peculiarity of its waters, as well as the sports and activities that can be carried out in them.



Another of Cancun's favorite attractions for all tourists visiting the Riviera Maya is a catamaran ride to Isla Mujeres. You can take a tour and enjoy a nice walk to this beautiful island located a few kilometers from Cancun.

The companies offer these fun-filled catamaran rides, which usually have everything included: drinks, meals, music, as well as some excursions and activities to do once you arrive at Isla Mujeres.



If you are still wondering what to do in Cancun, another paradise island that is worth visiting, exploring, and seeing is Cozumel. On this island, you will find a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and places to visit.

Here you can do various activities such as: exploring the Chankanaab National Park to dive and swim with dolphins, visit the famous San Gervacio ruins, visit the Ecopark or Punta Sur that houses numerous species of fish and exotic birds, or visit the interesting Museum from Cozumel, among other various options that the island offers.

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