What are the Best Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Law School Entrance Exam?

What are the Best Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Law School Entrance Exam?

It's not easy to become a lawyer, nor should it be. Attorneys are at the center of the business world in more ways than one. Indeed, the legal profession is staying abreast of data-driven business models and technology of all kinds.


One of the first steps you'll to enter the profession is to take the Law School Admission Test. Comprehensive LSAT preparation is essential for candidates who want to attend the law school of their choice. Every law school in the U.S. uses LSAT scores as a major factor in deciding who will be admitted into each class. No need to worry though, below we have some key information that will help you succeed. 


Here are some of the most effective ways to conduct your own LSAT preparation program:


1. Get at least three copies of practice exams and use them in sequential order.


First, take one of the exams before you do any preparation. Then, about halfway through your course, take the second practice exam. Finally, when you are through with your entire LSAT preparation program, take the third exam.


This sequential testing approach will show you whether you have gained anything from your preparation time. Unless you are way off course, expect to witness significant gains in your test scores each time you re-take a practice exam. Make sure to acquire three different practice exams so as not to repeat any of the material. Remember this will help your confidence within yourself come test day, being able to see similarities and work follow of how the test will decrease the surprise factors when it comes to testing day. 


2. Consider working with a study partner.


If you have a friend or co-worker taking the exam on the same date as your scheduled test, try to arrange some mutual study sessions. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this "buddy system."


  1. Only spend about one-fourth of your total study time together
  2. Use the team study sessions to quiz each other at random on questions you each need to work on.
  3. During your solo studying sessions, keep a list of topics for team study as they arise
  4. The key to effective team studying is the give-and-take between the individuals. Everyone has strong and weak points, but seldom are those points the same for any two people. Hopefully, you and your study partner will augment each other's weak points and boost your strong points as well.
  5. Don’t overlook having a study partner, the LSAT can be a really mind-numbing test to study for, and having someone near to lighten the load could prove to be very helpful.


3. Know how the test is structured


The LSAT consists of four sections, two of which are called "logical reasoning." There's one section on analytical reasoning and one on reading comprehension. The test contains those four sections, which are scored, and one additional "experimental" section that is not scored. There is an essay, but it is not scored nor is it taken at the same time as the rest of the test. You do it at home, online. The essay is sent to the law schools you apply to.


Each section on test day is allotted 35 minutes, so expect to be alert and in full test mode for about three hours of test time plus breaks. When you prepare, try to study in 35-minute sessions on a given topic in order to simulate testing conditions. Take short breaks after each session and then switch to a different testing section.

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