Maren Stone

This is Maren Stone. I am inhabitant of Houston, Texas. I have a degree in Business and Marketing under the University of Houston. I have 6 Years Experience in SEO/SEM/Social Media (PPC, Other Paid Mar-keting) and Web Analytics (Site Catalyst, Google Analytics). I deliver professional services with capability to solve complex and challenging tasks. I’ve too much confidence in my services that I offer all my respectable clients . Currently working as Marketing Strategist & Search Optimization Expert in one of the best consultancy provider Sticky Marketers. I believe my experiences, education and skills fit your requirements, and I am confident my skills would be an asset for you.

Articles from this author

What are the Best Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Law School Entrance Exam?

It's not easy to become a lawyer, nor should it be. Attorneys are at the center of the business world in more ways than one. Indeed, the legal profession is staying abreast of data-driven business models and technology of all kinds.

How to Implement Your New POS System Without Any Problems

Restaurant POS systems can change how employees tackle everyday routines. They can not only work like a standard cash register, but they can maintain inventory, track purchasing trends, and even act as a clock-in system for your employees.