Ideas for Medical School Graduation Party

graduation party

Graduating from medical school is a great achievement and deserves a party to celebrate the event. The graduation party can reflect the medical theme with a little planning, through decorations, games, and food. Let your guests know what to expect by sending them a "Party Prescription" invitation that appears to have been written by the doctor to whom the party will be held.

Games and activities

Stick a sticker with the name of a famous doctor, real or fictional, on the back of each guest as they arrive. Throughout the party, have guests ask themselves yes / no questions among themselves to guess the doctor's name on their backs. Fill a vase with sweet medicine and ask the guests how many there are. Make a tray of as many medical supplies (such as bandages, cloth, scissors, thermometers) as you can find. Give the guests two minutes to memorize the items, then cover the tray with a large flannel. Ask them to remember as many as they can. Whoever remembers the most items correctly wins a prize.

Photography and video

Having a photographer or a person to record the most beautiful and fun moments of the party will be a memory that surely you and your colleagues will like to have, so you cannot stop hiring a professional to take care of this work. Make sure the photographer to be booked for your party before medical school graduation announcements.


The graduation party is the moment of relaxation, celebration, and farewell. A moment of great emotion and therefore it must be an unforgettable party. To achieve this we are going to give you some decorating tips for graduation parties.

Sometimes the quickest solution is to have a theme party. For example, you can use the colors, logos of the faculty or symbols of the race and decorate the tables with these colors.

You can even advance the idea on the party-themed invitation cards. A good idea is to get a photo of the graduation group. You can also make murals with the photos of the moments of study so that your colleagues and family leave you their dedication. And so each one creates his mural. And the memories of the graduation party you can recreate a souvenir that has to do with school or study. Today the presence of video and photo booths where they leave messages or instant photos in which the guests take as souvenirs is used a lot and a video is combined with the recorded images which are very fun.

If you want something more formal, try to use sober colors, even many times the places for graduation events have their decoration, which will avoid you looking for colors. Even if they choose a particular color, they can still choose to dress in the same color. Thus each one will stand out from their guests and maintain uniformity with the clothing.

Whether you choose to be stylish or bold, the decorations set the tone for the prom. Set up elegant centerpieces that include glass vases in different sizes filled with pill-like sweets. You can put cute rubber medical ducklings around the food areas and party area. Guests can take them home as souvenirs. Other centerpiece ideas include children's doctor sets or floating eye candles in large glass bowls. Use bandages or gauze bandages like pennants or streamers.

Food Ideas

Serve your guest's finger sandwiches and miss finger cookies. Serve food in medical supply containers, such as potties and clean surgical trays. Use surgical tools as food utensils. Brain jelly molds are available at costume stores and make a fancy centerpiece for the buffet table. Make chocolate doctors using melted candy, available at almost every craft store, and a chocolate mold. Use a shirt-shaped cookie cutter to decorate cookies like surgical gowns.

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