Waterwise Irrigation System Design | Planning Guide

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The irrigation system design that you choose for your home can help preserve water while helping to make your property look exceptional. Fortunately for property owners, there are many easy steps to keep your lawn looking green without wasting natural resources. Here’s how you can create an irrigation system with ease while staying within your budget.

Tips for Implementing Watering Systems for Gardens

You will first need to take an inventory of your property and any permanent structures on it. Permanent structures could include your home, a large tree that you don't plan on taking down, or any other existing vegetation that you don't plan on moving. From there, you should determine which spaces are public, which are private and which are merely service areas. Ideally, public spaces will get the most water while service areas will be maintained when necessary.

How to Create a Waterwise Irrigation System

You won't be able to create a great irrigation system without the right irrigation supplies. For instance, you will want to install Onga pumps throughout your property to help distribute water where it is needed most. Onga pump prices vary depending on size, how much water you need to move, and other factors that may vary based on the type of system that will be installed on your property.

In addition to a series of pumps, you will also need sprinklers to keep trees or other tall vegetation hydrated at all times. The best sprinkler for the lawn is one that you can schedule to run during certain times of the day. This ensures a consistent amount of water for your plants and grass while ensuring that you never forget to turn the sprinkler off or otherwise use it more than necessary.

Other Concerns to Think About When Creating an Irrigation System

Early morning is the best time for watering your lawn because that is when the moisture is best absorbed. However, the roots cannot properly absorb the moisture if there are obstructions such as too much debris in the grass. Therefore, it may be a good idea to dethatch the lawn once a week or whenever you deem it to be necessary.

Keeping the lawn at a proper height may also make watering more effective. Ideally, you will mow the lawn at least once a week assuming typical rain and moisture conditions. If you have plants and trees in addition to grass on your property, it is important that they are watered based on their individual needs.

In some cases, one particular plant on the property won't need to be watered while one of the plants next to it needs extra water. A Waterwise system will monitor each plant or area of grass individually to determine where water should be applied. This can help conserve a natural resource while helping to keep a property owner's water bill to a minimum.

You Want to Create the Total Package

You can't create a lush lawn if you don't have enough water to keep the grass from dying. On the other hand, there is no point in watering grass or other plants that aren't healthy, to begin with. By creating a complete system that caters to the needs of the vegetation on your property, you can have a beautifully landscaped lawn that doesn't cost too much to install or maintain.

The best part is that Onga pumps come with a two-year warranty, which means that you can have them repaired or replaced if anything goes wrong with it. This is helpful because you want to protect your investment for as long as possible. While nothing lasts forever, the last thing you want is to be paying for the same item again weeks or months after the initial purchase was made.

A Waterwise irrigation system makes it possible to conserve water without having to sacrifice on quality. As no two lawns or property layouts are the same, it is important that you have the ability to develop a custom system that best meets your needs. Fortunately, creating an irrigation plan only takes an hour or two of your time, and there are many quality products available to help you carry out your vision.

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