Traveling to New Climates

Traveling to New Climates

New Climates Impact People: Things to Know


Unfamiliar places, new faces and a climate that one isn't used to. These and other new experiences greet people every day. Some people are better suited to adjust freely to these changes. Sometimes they are sudden and some are gradual. In the case of planning a vacation to an unfamiliar and different climate than what a person is used to, he or she will have time to plan accordingly.


One doesn't want to get stuck out in the elements of northern Minnesota during the winter months while wearing shorts; likewise, a person won't be keen on visiting the high-altitude ranges of North America without some knowledge of altitude and how it impacts the body. Whether it be to avoid getting chapped hands or being able to breathe and live easy in elevation, the following will give one some information to consider when traveling to a new climate.


Consider Altitude


Those living in Loveland, Colorado may not think about living in altitude much, especially if they have lived there for quite some time. For someone coming from Iowa, however, the state of altitude will feel novel. One may not think of modifications in climate as being stressful to his or her body, but the series of changes certainly alters the body's condition in one way or another. Altitude is no exception.


Traveling to a place like Colorado is going to present one with an opportunity to reach levels of elevation over 14,000 feet. A popular city like Denver is over 5,000 feet above sea level, so, naturally, someone from St. Petersburg will need to adjust. The body increases the number of red blood cells to carry more oxygen in elevation. The higher one goes up the mountain passages, the longer it will take to adjust. A move may take one's body months to fully adjust to the new setting. Exercise will also feel different in places of elevation.


It's not uncommon for a runner or other active person to see their performance tail off a bit when they first move to an elevated area of the world. It can be more difficult to breathe in high-altitude places and a runner, for example, may not be able to reach proper performance levels for two to three months after they move. The thin air can leave a person searching for air.


Prepare for the Cold


The cold doesn't have to be a dangerous factor if one can use a heated vehicle, home or other structure consistently throughout the cold winter days. Being left in the cold can produce problems. One can layer up and will have to adjust to a cold climate; the cold can be a true shock for those used to warmer climates. Even those who have lived in a colder climate for decades can get shocked by the chill of the cold winter air.


A person moving to Alaska will have more than the cold to have to deal with. The winters are short, and the summers are long in the wide state of Alaska. This is truly an adjustment. It is important to go to bed when one is tired as opposed to when it gets dark in the summertime. These adjustments take time when one isn't used to the sun being out for most of the day in the summer season.


The cold certainly isn't for everyone. People who have certain medical conditions may have a more difficult time adjusting to life in the cold. The frigid conditions bring all sorts of dangerous elements with them. A person wants to think long and hard about his or her situation to see if below freezing temperatures in the winter are something they are suited for.


One may escape the cold and go to Florida, only to get dehydrated after a long day soaking up the sun. Climate impacts people, especially those who are used to something a bit different. Be prepared for the elements.

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