Top Trending Free Blogging Platforms for Entrepreneurs in 2019


Are you looking to begin your very own blog, and yet can't make sense of how to pick the best free blogging platform? It's an intense decision since there are a few distinctive blogging platforms out there.

How would you discover which one is right for you?

To publish your thoughts with your articles, a blogging platform is required, which deals with arranging the content and pictures, and gives a system to get it onto a site. The blogging platform additionally makes it simpler for a web index to classify the blog passages, and to have the capacity to exploit promoting and publicizing openings. Online blogging platforms are developing each day. The majority of the techy persons are improving their online presence by utilizing their personal blogs.

So this is the best choice to start and make a free blog and its active online presence. Here we have listed some of the useful blogging platforms to begin your online profession.

1. Letsdiskuss is India's first blogging platform in both English and Hindi languages. The administration includes experts from the best worldwide counseling firms. The endeavor is very much supported by industry specialists from different spaces from tech to back to workmanship to science and inside a limited ability to focus time; Letsdiskuss has picked up a strong client base over the globe. Make an inquiry and you can expect quick, quality, and supportive response.

Letsdiskuss is different from all the other platforms, in which it is entirely devoted to publishing content such as blog style and question answer. However, Letsdiskuss is equally capable of searching as it is towards publication and all the readers coming along with it have also increased. Good content on Letsdiskuss lasts longer and it also allows creators to display grand ideas at the top of each article with cool images.

Let’s Diskuss is one of the fastest trending online discussion fora which allows you to access information and the latest news about the world and actively participate in the ongoing discussions. With the help of this panel, Let’s Diskuss ensures that no query of its valuable users goes unanswered or unheard. 

2. WordPress

WordPress is the world's most prevalent blogging software. Begun in 2003, WordPress now controls over 30% of all sites on the web. is an open-source free blogging platform that enables you to construct your site or blog within minutes.

3. Tumblr

While some blogs are all around created, and blur the line between a blog, and a full-fledged article, at the opposite end of things we have Tumblr. It is by all accounts accomplishing something great cases an amazing 450+ million unique different blogs. The best part is that Tumblr is very easy to utilize, costs nothing, and is perfect for use on a mobile device.

4. Blogger

Blogger is a blog publishing platform from Google. You can register with your Google account, and utilize one of the default themes, to begin with, a subdomain. In a few minutes, your blog ought to be live.

5. Weebly

Weebly is one of the most effortless and free blog host platforms to make a blog and it enables you to assemble your blog with their intuitive developer. It accompanies more pre-designed and ready-to-use topics. You can modify your free blog by utilizing their online interface. Weebly is also a free blogging platform for virtual stores.

Among all the previously mentioned free blogging platforms, WordPress outperforms all other platforms. Over 30% of the sites are made with WordPress CMS on the web. I hope this article causes you to pick an ideal free blogging platform according to your necessity.

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