7 Common Misconceptions about Blogging


It is the ultimate resource that gets comments, ranking power and generates a bulk of traffic. With the blogger cheat sheet everyone can get their post published anytime. Social engagement like a comment, a share or anything to prove yourself to others that your blog is more than a journal. If you want to make your blogging a cinch, here are some blogger’s cheat sheet you can use next time to get your posts published.

A blog is to write

It is true that great content is the key success of blogging but you need to create a setup of our blog first, and then work on the layouts and designs and technical aspects to optimize the blog for success. You should know how to build your audience and optimize them. If you don’t consider other things besides content then you are in a big fix. This will lead you to failure no matter how great your blog content may be.

Avoid Sharing Blog

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when your competitor writes a blog with great content and a huge audience.  But sharing your competitors’ blog helps you to spread good blog online, it even shows your followers that you are determined to help them.


If you are a newcomer to the blogging field then don’t overload your site with lots of ads. People actually don’t like ads but you can make them user-friendly. Make sure your blog leaves the first impression because if a person likes your blog the first time he sees it, he will definitely come back to read another article.

It’s not bad at all to monetize your site for the hard work you put in, don’t be impatient about money it will come but it takes time. Try to consider your blog having a real passion for your writing. Try to use blog topic ads to monetize your blog.

A post should be perfect

Building a perfect and lengthy article for your blog is time wasting because nothing is perfect. It will not help to build an audience. Blogging is about imperfections rather than perfection. People long for great content that touches the audience and is real.

Try growing your network by writing a constant stream of new content. It doesn’t have to be perfect but valuable to the target audience.

A piece of cake

As life is not a bed of roses, in the same way, blogging is not a piece of cake; you have to do a lot of hard work. You have to put in more efforts to show your content. Try to write consistently and tell your audience that when you are going to post a new article. Your readers expect you to be there on regular basis. Try sticking to the blog with a regular posting interval.

Blog is Uni-directional

Blogging is not just publishing your content and spread it. Great blogging is something about networking, collaborating and connecting. Blogging is about building a community.

Using NO social media automation tools

If you are new to blogging, it might be true that you can manage your social media sharing without using tools like Hootsuite, ViralTag, or Buffer. But with the passage of time, you need to be present, active and consistent every day. You can’t be online all day long, and here come the automation tools of social media that make a huge difference.

If you do content curation on one day, scheduling your pins and tweets will keep your profiles active while not annoying the followers.

Not Use SEO

Your post should be up to the standards of SEO, otherwise, people will not find your post in the search engines. Use WordPress SEO by Yoast, it’s the easy way to get started on optimizing your blog post.

Create Boring Headline

If you are not sure that your headlines will pick the interest of your readers? Try using Headline Analyzer by Co Schedule; it will give you rating out of 100 for attractive headlines. It will also give the grammar, structure, and readability of your headline. It will also consider the emotional sentiment of your headline.

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