Top 5 Types of Motorcycle Jackets

Top 5 Types of Motorcycle Jackets

During the last decade and so, there was a significant increment in the population who have grown liking towards motorbikes.

From powerful sports bikes to comfortable cruiser bikes, options are plenty for every individual.

Many have begun riding their bikes for a several 1000 km. Riding for this duration requires proper safety gears to ensure full protection of the rider.

People do use a helmet but recently they have become more keen on using a well-fitted, stylish yet durable riding jacket which provides them a hardcode rider look.

If you are a serious rider then you need to have a solid riding jacket. The wide collection of the jackets poses a problem though. How do you choose a right jacket which suits your taste?

In this guide, we will elaborate on the types of jackets that are available for different riders which will ease the process of selecting a right jacket for you.

1. Cruiser –

Cruisers is a fusion of fashion and function. The classic styles of riding jackets that have become identical with motorcycling all come under the group of cruiser jackets. On top of form-fitting, most of the cruiser jackets are made up of a material called – Leather. But we can’t overlook the growing popularity of textile and cotton, its true especially during summer they tend to provide much better ventilation. Styling and comfort is the most important driving factor behind this cruiser jackets.

2. Touring –

This apparels generally comes with a loose fit. Suited for long journey rides in different climates. A great touring jacket will have loads of elements adding to the functionality. They are more often than not made with remarkably durable fiber that is waterproof/breathable. Jackets in this niche are growing rapidly as they are comfortable yet dapper looking. They tend to have better comfort, more pockets. The collar is generally tall who cover up the full portion of your neck.

3. Racing –

Racing jackets are deemed as more casual or liberal form of riding jacket with few features. It provides an aggressive look to the rider designed specifically for race tracks. This type of apparel is tightly fit which promotes aerodynamics and protection. These jackets are made of a material which is a thick layer to ensure the safety of the riders during high speed offs. It has narrow fitting around your wrist and neck so that your gloves and helmet can be secured over the top. Armor is pretty common in most of the sportbike jackets.

4. Commuting –

In this category, we will be putting in the people who take their bike to work or taking their bike for city rides. They need a jacket to protect their selves and their clothes while they commute regularly to the workplace. Commuter jackets or Crossovers can solve the problem. These jackets are loosely fit that prevents rider’s clothes from getting crumpled. They are lightweight doing its job and at the same time doesn’t give hardcore biker look. Jackets in this category are usually available at affordable prices which does not burn a hole in your pocket.

5. Off-road and Motocross –

Dirt bikers have a different requirement. Motocross jackets are the perfect option for them. They offer high impact absorption. They shall watch for jackets with strong internal armor and long-lasting outer shell. This will ensure their safety during bumps and falls in rigid terrain. The terrain where they ride in is purely rough consisting of rocks and gravels. Keeping that in mind, they won’t worry about other factors like waterproofing. Regardless, textile gear should be their chief choice.

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