Top 5 Places to Visit in New York

Places to Visit in New York

Easily one of the most famous destinations on the planet, New York remains a wondrous delight to visitors, tourists and even locals alike. There are several reasons why New York stands out. From the hospitable people to the mouthwatering dishes to the gorgeous entertainment venues to the outstanding architectural monuments, this is surely the place to be. Every year, millions of excited people stream into New York and the next question that pops up in their minds is the most interesting places to feast their eyes on. That of course, is a very valid thought and in this piece, we are going to take a look at the top five places to visit in New York.

Empire State Building

A visit to New York without reaching the Empire State Building cannot be said to be really complete. Considered by many and for good reasons to be the most striking building in all of New York, the Empire State Building embodies all that New York is – grace, resilience, elegance, quality, and excellence. Standing at an impressive 1,454 feet in height, this amazing skyscraper was named thus as ‘Empire State’ is the affectionate nickname of New York. One hundred and two stories of sheer architectural engineering and history, it held the title of the tallest building on the planet for almost four decades. One really exciting feature of this structure is that there are 1,860 steps to reach the Empire State Building meaning you will be climbing for more than half an hour – if you have the stamina.

American Museum of Natural History

Located in Manhattan and not far from Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History is the biggest of natural history museums on the planet so it surely has more than enough to offer its endless streams of visitors. With more than 33 million items in its stock, this sheer edifice will truly blow anyone’s mind. It is one of the best places to learn about humanity, cultures, societies, nature and all of the cosmos. It is truly a humbling experience for any visitor and it is no surprise it is often right at the top of the list of so many.

Statue of Liberty

To be very honest, what is a visit to New York without seeing and conquering the most iconic Statue of Liberty? Ever since it was dedicated in 1886 as a gift from the French to Americans, the Statue of Liberty has gripped the world with its endless charm and majesty. Made from copper, it is the very symbol of freedom that makes America what it is today.

Central Park

The center of countless Hollywood movies, few parks, if any at all, anywhere in the world is as famous and as attractive as Central Park. Spanning the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side, this massive urban park attracts almost 40 million people on a yearly basis. And it surely has a lot to offer its joyful visitors – Central Park Zoo, Wollman Rink and the striking Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir are just a few of the attractions on site. Meticulously maintained, the Central Park is like a living and breathing history of the United States of America. Ever since it was approved in 1853, it has managed to remain in existence despite all the upheavals over time. Few places in the United States have so much to offer visitors like the incredible Central Park.

Hudson River Park

For curious minds who really want to know how everyday life is in New York, visiting Hudson River Park will be the best decision. Easily the longest waterfront park in the country, standing by the Hudson gives you unbeatable views of scenery that will leave you asking for more. From several landmark piers to countless amusement areas, this park is truly a delight any day and anytime. For fitness and sports lovers, there are countless cycling paths and golf courses all along the park.

New York has countless places and sites that are widely considered to be the major tourist attractions. Coming up with the top five of them all is not the easiest of tasks. However, the list that has been carefully compiled above will serve anyone really well – irrespective of whether the reader is a local New Yorker or an adventurous tourist visiting from the other half of the world. New York is and will always be a home for all.

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