Tips for Travelers Who Want to Travel in Nigeria

Nigeria Holiday

Nigeria is known to be the powerhouse of the economy and growth and its African neighbors. If you are interested in exploring Nigeria, the upcoming choice that you must not overlook is Nigeria. It is one of the most amazing locations you can visit in Africa. It was famous because of its oil. But the involvement of the country presents the different charming sides that are value to visit and experience. Nigeria holidays provide you a lot of stunning things from the beach, art scene, national parks, food, and climate and so on.

If you are planning to visit Nigeria very soon, this article will help you enough. Here are some of the best Nigeria holiday tips and tricks:

Nigeria is hot Area

Humid and hot! You are going to the best place if you are looking for sunshine because all through the year, Nigeria is usually hot. The weather changes from place and place, for example, Jos is generally cool and Borno is usually warm. But it never snows and it is often hot enough for kids to play in the rain. The high humidity also makes it feel much warmer than it is and many people have air-conditioners in their vehicles, offices, and houses to reject the sticky sweatiness that comes with the weather. In Harmattan (the drier, cooler season that runs from late November till February and start of March), the temperature drops in the evenings.


The Nigeria unit of currency is the Naira. Visitors may bring unlimited amounts of foreign currency, offered a declaration of such currency is made to customs. Foreign currency may be replaced only at authorized banks.

Some cities attract cashless transactions and so will accept card payments in most locations. These can be unreliable in little cities and little establishments. To be safe, forever carry sufficient cash for the day. ATMs are accessible all through the country and if you have a local guide with Nigeria tour packages, they can handle most of the transactions for you.


English is the official language of the country and it is used at all levels of administration such as commerce, law, and education. It is spoken with varying degrees of fluency by fifty percent of the population, making Nigeria the biggest English-speaking country in Africa. So, if your mother language is English, you will find it easy to communicate with people. 


Museums in Nigeria possess a great deal of historical knowledge and some captivating pieces of art. Nigeria's history is full of significant events such as colonial government, independence, slavery and civil war, and museum collections reflect this. You can see artifacts such as soapstone images discovered in Esie Igbomina in Kwara, Nok sculptures and sophisticated works of art from early civilizations such as Benin and Ife.

While exhibitions in museums such as the National Museum of Nigeria cover a wide range of historical artifacts, others, such as the Badagry Museum, provide visitors with specific thematic experience.


· AIDS/HIV is common. Take precautions if you participate in high-risk activities.

· Yellow fever is also spread. Get vaccinated before you travel.

· Other general insect-borne diseases contain dengue and malaria. Make sure your accommodation is insect-proof. Use insect repellent. Take also an anti-malaria drug.

· Lassa fever may be a danger in several states. Waterborne, foodborne, and other infectious diseases contain typhoid, cholera, monkeypox, and hepatitis. Drink just bottled or boiled water. Reject raw or undercooked food. Do not swim in open water.

· Polio is also a big issue. Check your vaccinations are up to date before you book cheap flights to Nigeria.

· Medical facilities contain Nigeria big cities are basic. You may need to pay upfront. If you are seriously injured or ill, you will need medical evacuation. Make sure your travel insurance covers this.

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