Tips to Plan a Perfect Trip to Mexico

Tips to Plan a Perfect Trip to Mexico

Mexico is one of the best tourist spots in the world. There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind before planning a trip to this nation. There is Mexico mansion spread all throughout the country that provides a great stay at some of the cheapest prices.

Which are the places you should definitely visit on your trip to Mexico?

Mexico is a country that is teeming with the rich history of the Native Americans mixed with the colonial impact of Spain. Mexico is filled with quirky sights. It is an unexplored gem. This list provides you with the list of must visit places in Mexico.

Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach also known as the Beach of Love is one of the most precious assets of Mexico. Since the area is designated as a protected marine ecosystem, activities like fishing are prohibited. This gave birth to the exotic species of sea life in the beach. The beach can be accessed when the tides are not too high. The beach is not like any other beaches of the world owing to its unique geographical features. Snorkeling and scuba diving amidst these sea creatures is a lot of thrill due to their abundance in the sea.

Chicken Itza

If you have an idea that Pyramids are native to Egypt, then you should be changing your idea as there are pyramids in Mexico that date back to the Mayan Period. In fact, the engineering marvel that has been infused in the building of these pyramids speaks volumes about the sophisticated lifestyle back then. This is a place to be visited for sure if you are a history fanatic.

Mexico City

The capital of the country of Mexico is the home to many UNESCO heritage structures and other prominent monuments. The entire city is filled with such structures that you can walk from one place to another to visit these places.

Cancun Underwater Museum

Museums that hold artifacts within the premises of the building are common. Even Mexico has a lot of museums throughout the country, but this underwater museum came up as a result of the initiative of few men who obtained the required permission to submerge the statues beneath the surface of the water, on the seabed. These sculptures date back to the Mayan Period.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

This is an extraordinary geographical rock cut feature that is located in the Baja Californian Peninsula. The place has such a glorious view that the films like Titanic had their set put up at the Baja Film Studios. Mexico is a home to such intricate rock geographical features that are a feast for the eyes. 


Want to climb a Pyramid? Then you should definitely visit Coba. This is also the home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The place has lots to convey with each structure depicting a story.

Museo Nacional de Antropología

This is the National Museum of Anthropology at Mexico. It is the largest museum in Mexico and is flocked by tourists who visit Mexico.

Xel Ha Park

This is one of the oldest eco parks in Mexico where the seawater from the lagoon mixes with the underground water. This sea has much fewer levels of salinity when compared to the other sea stretches of Mexico. So, one can have a great time here by immersing themselves in the joy of sea sports.

Chapultepec Zoo

When you are visiting Mexico with family or you are more curious about animals, then you should definitely visit this zoo. This zoo is the home to about 2000 animals from over 200 different species. This is the only zoo where Pandas are found outside China.


Since the ancient times, the place has been dedicated to various ceremonial activities. The place is also the central square of the country. It is a known fact that certain Mexican dance forms are very enthralling to watch. Most of those dance forms are staged here.

How do you need to plan your trip to Mexico?

If you plan your trip to Mexico after taking a note of the following suggestions, you are sure to have a great time in Mexico.


Since most of the attractions in Mexico are archeological sites and protected sites, they do not open beyond dark hours. So, it is better to start off early from where you stay to cover as many places as possible.

Make your own trip planner

Mexico is a mixture of everything. Have a look at the varied attractions that Mexico has to offer and make a trip planner all by yourself so that you enjoy your favorite spots.

Make early plans

Mexico takes some time to process all your documents for varied safety purposes. So, if you are planning to visit Mexico, then you should book tickets well in advance and send all the important documents before months together.

Language and Currencies

Learn a bit of Spanish to communicate effectively with those in Mexico. Be aware of the exchange rates and make sure to convert all your home currency to the required currency before you leave for Mexico.

Once you are back from your trip to Mexico, you would experience the feel of gotten transported to a place that is way more different when compared to the other places of the world. The memories would linger in your minds that you would feel like going back again to experience the never before feeling.

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