Tips to Getting Hair Extensions for the First Time

hair extensions

Have you thought that how your favorite celebrity or model is able to flaunt that perfect hairstyle always? Definitely, this is one such question that every girl thinks of whenever she saw her favorite star with a new, gorgeous hairstyle. Well, as revealed by hair expert, Shareya Jacken, ‘most of such magic is created with hair extensions, used under the strict guidance of a personal hair stylist.’

But just like the celebs, not every girl owns a personal hair stylist. The question is, whether you can use it or not and if yes, then how? So, if you are getting hair extensions for the first time and you wish to know everything about it, then here we list you few tips. By following these tips, you can get the best, gorgeous, and beautiful hair extensions for the very first time.

1. The Type of Extensions to Choose – You may select hair extensions in accordance with your requirement. Clip-ins is temporary extensions that can be placed at home without any additional assistance. Tape-in extensions are beautiful and can stay long for up to 2 – 3 months. You can also check for Halo extensions that you can adorn like a headband.

2. Consider the Type of Extension to buy – There are human virgin hair and synthetic hair extensions available at varying prices. Virgin hair extensions are made with human hair that is further Keratin treated to last long healthily. You may select a pack of extensions having 24 hair strands or more depending on the length and volume of your hair.

3. Using Hair Extensions for the First Time – While Tape-in extensions are the best to purchase for the first time, but you may find it difficult to fix. You may, therefore, watch videos and gain complete knowledge before applying them.

4. Learn the Proper Way of Hair Extensions Maintenance – You need to be careful while taking out the extensions. Clean the extensions once in a week with a gentle cleanser. Moisturize them to offer a beautiful, shiny look. Tie your hair in a loose ponytail or braid at the time of sleeping. This is important to make sure that the extensions do not break or get tangled.

5. Check for the Texture of the Extensions – You should buy hair extensions of high-quality and of excellent texture. It is because the extension may lose their texture over time with regular washing. Also, a good texture extension is less prone to tangling and breakage.

6. You can Use Colored Hair Extensions Rather than Coloring Your Natural Hair – This is an exciting and essential tip to know if you have an inclination towards colored hair. So, if you love playing with color but fear to damage your natural hair, then the best way is to get colored extensions and fix them up.

7. Shop for High-Quality Products to Maintain the Extensions – You must know that not just buying the extensions is important, equally imperative is to maintain them properly. For this, you need to buy shampoo, moisturizers, oils, and other products that are meant specifically to take care of the extensions. Before you use any product, make sure you gain complete knowledge about it so that you don’t end up damaging the extensions.

8. Check for the Reviews of Various Extensions – Before you buy any type of extension, it is essential to compare and check for its quality. Don’t get confused with any terms mentioned over the packaging. An important term to check for is to look for the cuticle intact that implies that the extensions are free from cuticles. This ensures that the hair extensions are shiny, smooth, and free from all the problems. A better way is to check for the reviews so that you buy only the best extensions.

9. Make a Selection Depending on Your Lifestyle – Hair extensions serve as instant access to get long, shiny, and luscious hair in very less time. But, the thicker the extensions, the more care they require. So, either you select hair extensions that suit your lifestyle, or you alter your lifestyle a little so that your extensions do not get damaged. If you are one with rough and tough lifestyle, who likes to roll over the bed, then you should drop the idea of getting hair extensions. But, if you can balance the additional weight of extensions well, and can be gentle to them, then you can plan to get the hair extensions.

10. Shop Only from Reliable Brand – If you don’t want to screw your money and still left with bare hands, then it is essential that you purchase only high-quality extensions. This implies that you must shop for hair extensions from a credible and well-reputed brand. There are numerous hair extensions brands available, and most of them claim to be the best. Make sure you invest your money and time in extensions that are from a reputed brand. For this, always check for online recommendations and suggestions from the top-notch stylists and hair professionals.

There are varieties of hair extensions available in the market, but not all of them are perfect. They differ in texture, strength, quality, maintenance required, length, volume, and more other traits. So, just like you double check before buying a cosmetic for your skin, similarly check twice before shopping for hair extensions for your hair. The best solution is to take an appointment with an expert hair stylist and then shop only after proper consultation and knowledge.

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