Tips to Finish Edges of Painting More Beautifully

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If you prefer to paint on the canvas with watercolor, oils or acrylic paint, you have possibly observed that the unframed painting gives a better view from the front but it looks not-so-appealing from the side. When you see those edges of the raw canvas, they look horrifically pale against the colorful front. But during your painting procedure, the splash of colors which you used on the painting to create a design on the side at times spoil your plan, as well as the well-executed front.

In early days, it didn’t matter a lot how the sides of a painting looked because everybody thought that any finished painting was absolutely a framed one. Framing your painting is really cool, but being compelled to find out frames which fit and complement your artwork adds the layers of expense and complication.

In recent times, there are manifold options available that can save your money and time as well, and enable your unframed artworks to feel professional and finished. And you can give your paintings in Mixed Media Art for Sale too. Here you will get a few suggestions for your unframed paintings. Let’s take a look.

Give your Artwork a Complete Look:

Use Black Tape: The quickest, easiest, and of course the simplest method of making the sides of your artwork look more complete is by using a black tape for covering the sides of your canvas. Before starting your painting, you can do this. But you can go for this specific technique after completing your painting too. But you need to keep several factors in mind while doing this:

  • You should not use one piece of black tape. Add a few layers of tape and it gives you the look that you desire.
  • The black tape should be quite wider than your canvas’s side so that you can easily wrap the black tape over the back edge of your canvas. Remember not to overlap the face of your canvas- or else the tape would interfere with the look of your paintings that you don’t want, right?

  • To make sure that the tape looks nice, you should use the hospital fold particularly on the corners and ensure to press the black tape down properly. Don’t forget to clean stray paint which gets on your tape while you are coloring.

Color the Sides with Black Color: The cost-effective method to finish the sides of your painting is to paint the sides black just before beginning your painting. There are a few things to bear in your head if you go for this particular option:

  • No matter what means you are actually using for creating your artwork, acrylic paint is always great for this. It is because it quickly dries and easily cleans off. But if your canvas is being stapled from the side, you need to gesso the canvas’s sides for preventing rust problem afterward.
  • Paint the side canvas with black color carefully otherwise it will get on your canvas’s front part. But if it happens, immediately wipe the color off for preventing a ridge line that can be shown on your work. When you use acrylics and oil paints, then you can use a rag. But use Mr. Clean Sponge with watercolors on the wet painting to make sure that all deposit of the paint is gone.

  • Clean off stray paints that mar the black side.

Continue coloring the Subject: One of the interesting ways to finish the side of your artwork is by continuing coloring your subject on your canvas sides. While using this specific technique, you have to follow these tips:

  • Don’t forget your canvas’s bottom. It is quite complicated to do like the canvas places on the edge of the bottom. So, you have to wait till the top is not dried to safely turn the work onto the top edge. Only then you can easily work on the edge of the bottom.
  • Apart from this, you can use a sketchier painting technique on the side. As these sides are not at all the star of the painting, so viewers don’t notice them. If you follow these aforementioned tips for your painting, then without any doubt your artwork will look finished and professional. Moreover, it would raise the sales price when you hang the board canvas paintings for sale.

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