6 Basic Image Editing Tips to Transform Your Photos

Transform Your Photos

Not every picture you take might turn out the way you would expect it to. Thankfully there are many photo editing programs that can help you give some finishing touches and add artistic visions to your pictures.

Image editing is considered a very important part of photography. There are lots of things you have to learn and master after pressing the shutter and uploading your images.

Here are a few basic photo editing techniques that can help you get the images you love:

Cropping and Cleaning Up Images

One of the first things you need to do after clicking pictures is to straighten them up. Once you are done doing this, try and crop your images so that you can remove any distracting elements from the edges of your frame and reposition your subject. Download a spot removing tool to get spot-free images.

White Balance Adjustment

If the overall color tone of your image seems displeasing or unnatural you can fix it by adjusting its white balance. Most of the photo-editing programs have preset modes of white balance adjustment such as “daylight,” “cloudy,” or “flash” that can help calibrate your image for the exact lighting conditions you require.

Adjusting Contrast and Exposure

You can make your photos look exactly as dark or bright as you want by adjusting their exposure. You can also adjust the contrast to lighten or darken the tone of your image. Ideally, it is always better to maintain a middle contrast so that you can make each element of your frame stand out.

Adjusting the Saturation, Vibrancy, and Color

After adjusting the white balance of your images you can also refine their colors using the vibrancy and saturation controls. Increasing the vibrancy of your images will help maintain the color intensity of brighter colors and increase the intensity of neutral color tones. However, if you want to make all the colors of your frame more intense you can increase the saturation. This will give a more dramatic look to your image by popping up the bright colors.

Adjusting the Sharpness

You can give a cleaner and crisper look to your images by sharpening them. Set the overall sharpness to 50 percent and then level it up or down to get the sharpness you want.

To make the edges of the objects stand out and give the overall image a punchier look, use the “clarity” or “structure” tool in your photo editing program.

Sharpness adjustment might seem unnecessary in social media posts, but if you are planning to enlarge and print your images this will make a huge difference in social media posts.

Sharpness adjustment is a great way to turn your out-of-focus pictures into in-focus shots. Nevertheless, if you overdo it, you might end up with unnatural halos around the objects of your frame.

Finalizing and Sharing your Images

Once you are done editing your pictures set them aside. Take a break and come back a while later to see if your happy with each of the images that you have edited. Make additional adjustments wherever needed. You may have to convert your raw files into JPG and also you can convert JPG to PDF before you start emailing, posting, or sharing them online.

Editing involves a lot of trial and error. It is always better to make a copy of your original just in case you want to undo your mistakes. Make it a point to take multiple shots to increase your chances of getting some spectacular shots. Once you are done uploading and organizing your images, you can decide which ones you want to keep and edit.

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