Technical Support Tips to Resolve Windows Blue Screen Error "0x0000007E

Got banged with the Windows Blue Screen error "0x0000007E: (SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED)"? Then, you are on the right page. This knowledge base article delivers computer support troubleshooting tips on how to troubleshoot this Windows Blue Screen error.

If you have got this Windows blue screen error, then before going to perform the troubleshooting process, you should educate yourself with some basic information about this code error. For that you can read the Microsoft Support Article: “Operating system intermittently crashes with a "0x0000007E" Stop error message.”

Microsoft Suggested Troubleshooting Methods

However, if you are interested in learning the troubleshooting methods only, then continue reading this tutorial. The following tutorial comprises the computer support repairing tips to fix this error.

  1. The Error message will display a.sys file at its bottom something like WUSB54GCx86.sys
    1. Note down that file name
    2. Research that file name to get a direction on how to troubleshoot the error
  2. But if you don’t get any direction, then you need to use the "advanced" troubleshooting steps, which are as follows:
  3. Boot into the Windows recovery console (DVD)
    1. Make sure that there is sufficient free disk space
    2. If there is a scarcity of space, then delete temp files, and other unwanted files to create space
  4. Next, update the Server BIOS and Chipset
  5. If a driver is being referred in the stop code, then remove it
  6. Also remove any unsigned and unused Drivers
  7. Update other drivers that your computer is using
  8. Use the Hardware Compatibility Matrix, available on the Microsoft website, to check any hardware discrepancies.
  9. From the %Windir%\System32\Driver, remove any third party drivers that are likely to seem faulty
  10. Review any Hotfixes.

As you can see that there are various troubleshooting tweaks that you can adopt to repair the 0x0000007E error. But each of the troubleshooting tips discussed above are a complete process in its self. Thus, if you are not very adequate with the intricacies of computer environment, then it is advisable that you avoid attempting self-troubleshooting. For instance, tip#4 reads ‘update the Server BIOS,’ but if you don’t know how to update Server BIOS, then you will again have to learn the method for that. Learning every single troubleshooting method will consume too much of your time, and also might go wrong in the execution as well.


If you explore the Internet, then you will get to learn that there are various repairing tools available to resolve this error. But it is difficult to decide which tool is reliable. The creators of these third-party tools, many times exploit the Windows error to promote their product. Thus, the safest and reliable solution is to call an online tech support firm.

You need to do some serious ground research to find out a trustworthy and performance-based tech support firm. During recent years there has been a mushroom growth of such firms, and certainly not all firms are reliable. Thus, you need to find out a real good service provider in this domain. Once you get a hold of a good technical support service provider, then you will get the prompt solution to all your computer tech worries.

To repair this Windows blue screen error, the technical support engineer might use certain tool, but at least now you will have confirmation that an effective tool is being used for the repairing. However, before using any tool, you can ask the online computer repair engineer to execute the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips suggested on the Microsoft website.

The online tech support engineer carries thorough knowledge about how to execute the repairing tips mentioned above and thus, he will be able to promptly repair the error within the least possible time.


 To repair the error Windows Blue Screen error "0x0000007E: (SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED)," there are certain troubleshooting tips suggested on the Microsoft support site. This article has highlighted those tips. If you can self-execute those, then you can repair the error of your own. But if you can’t, then avail online computer support services, and let a professional perform the troubleshooting for you.

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