Summer Makeup and Hair for Women

So it's summer again ladies! Here is my list of things I would give a try this year. I want to give some ideas of a full look, from hair to nails if you get what I mean. This article is more focus on casual summer attire and events.

For the perfect hairstyles this summer I am thinking of doing braids, I am thinking of the medium length layered hair or just try regular braided style with some bright new colors. I am loving the variety of braids trends out there right now and I love the pastel colors in hair. having the right hairstyles with your outfit is everything, it makes you or breaks you. If you have really thin hair then braids may not be your best friend or even getting too much of a high color, because sometimes to achieve that color you may need to bleach your hair. If your hair is already thin then bleaching it is not the best option at all. If you are like my and you want to try a new color no matter what then you can buy a spray on color, yes they have these in the tins. I bought mine on amazon, it's a temporary hair color and it's not damaging to the hair and also it is great to give a color a test run.

For the outfit, depending on what event you will be spending most of your summer. For most people, they will be doing more trips to the beach. Shorts and crop tops are a popular choice for summer because fewer clothes are best when the time becomes hotter. This is why I like braid hairstyles because at the beach, my hair may still remain in place and if I have colors then I could be a beached mermaid :). So go with bright summer outfit, dress, shorts and light material tops. A floral dress is always one of my favorite for summer and spring, it just has a happy feel to it, don't you think? The right outfit also has to do with a certain age group that may be a factor also, most people over 40 may not feel comfortable in a  crop top and shorts, in that case, you can go with a nice crop top with a high-waisted maxi skirt, any nice long skirt or pants. The goal is to have less showing in the tummy area but still enjoying a  crop top over 40.

For nails, I won't go with too much design because it would be expensive going to the nail salon a lot. I would buy some cute nail polish, and do my own nails maybe try nail coffin designs. I would go with solid colors because I am not good with creating nail arts. If you have the right color nail polishes you will do good, no worries. If you don't have to worry about saving and can go the salon regular then great, they can fix you up with some real nice artwork. They specialize in making your nails look their best so always consider then especially for a more important event than just going to the beach with your friends.


I just love this color so much, I will be using it along side my other beauties it's a simple DIY. My top pick colors for this summer is pink obviously, orange, yellow, brown, black and white. Black metallic nails are so in this year, great for casual and formal events. And since we won't be at the beach all day we need to have things ready to switch things up.   Also, get a top nail coat polish it will help your polish to last longer and give it a nice glow.

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