Soni Thakkar

Soni is an editor with Sterlite Grid, Sterlite Grid is the largest private sector power transmission developer in India, and writes on topics related to power transmission.

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Sterlite Grid Electrical Power Projects

It was Thomas Alva Edison who completely revolutionized the way people perceive and use energy. But it was quite long ago; that was a time when energy was produced where and when it was required

Power Transmission and Distribution

Transmission networks responsible for power transmission and distribution system are known as pow

Electric Power Transmission Lines

In today’s world, you can’t take a step without electricity.

power transmission and distribution

The human species has evolved no less than a hundred times quicker in the last five thousand year

electric power transmission

The very concept of electric power transmission lines is not alien to us. We all know how important electrical power is; but we seldom think deeper till we actually miss it.