SMS Surveys and Their Importance in Modern Businesses

SMS Surveys

SMS for many years has been a proven effective way of communication among people and corporates. Companies generally use SMS as a means of sending useful information and updates to their customers. Whether it is about promoting a new item, sending notifications of delivery of a product, bill payment, or sending a bill of the services that customers are using, everything today is being done by sending an SMS.        

If we discuss sending surveys, there are channels like email, websites, social media sites, or QR codes that cover a huge pool of clients these days; however even then, SMS has its own charm, it never loses its worth.  

Today, significant organizations are likewise utilizing instant messages for surveys. Because SMS surveys assist organizations with understanding their labor force requirements, product ideas, and getting client feedback. 

Assuming you really want additional confirmation, here are some statistics on the impact of SMS:  

  • Messaging is the commonly used communication channel for Americans under 50. 
  • More than 68% of consumers report that they message more than they chat on their mobile phones. 
  • 86% of US purchasers choose to receive notifications via SMS.  
  • 77% of buyers said they select instant messages from a certain brand to get coupons or offers.  
  • 78% of US customers say getting an instant message is the quickest method for reaching them for updates and purchases. 

Client surveys are an incredible method for estimating consumer loyalty, and loyalty, and get general feedback about your client's experiences with your items and services. Gathering this feedback is essential to working on your business and further developing consumer loyalty, and SMS surveys are effective for this reason. 

So, in the following article, we will investigate a few ways of utilizing SMS Surveys to deliver the most extreme response rate from the clients. 

Notwithstanding, prior to that let us check what actually SMS surveys are, and the way in which they are helpful for your business. 

What an SMS survey is?  

In general, SMS surveys are sent to customers, these surveys then collect survey response information from them using a feature Short Messaging Service (SMS), which is available on mobile phones.  

In SMS surveys, customers are sent a survey invitation with a link embedded in the survey that leads to where customers can open and respond to the survey.  

SMS survey is a successful way to send surveys and collect data on customer responses. Let's see the different advantages of SMS surveys. 

Benefits of Conducting SMS surveys 

SMS Surveys are Cheaper 

The biggest benefit of an SMS Survey is that it's cheaper. To send an SMS you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money.  

You will be easily able to send SMS surveys to various clients through mass messaging that has merger costs involved.  There’s no need for you to separately hire individuals to send SMS surveys to the clients. Nor will you have to set up unique gadgets at a proper location. 

You just need to have a cell phone with an SMS pack, and you are good to go to send SMS Surveys. 

SMS Surveys are Easily Sent to Mobile Number 

SMS surveys can be easily sent to mobiles (Keypad phone & Smartphone). There is no requirement for you to stress about the phone that your clients are utilizing. Whether they are using smartphones or traditional key-pad cell phones without the web, you will be able to send SMS with a survey link to all.   

SMS Surveys Have a Wide Reach 

SMS surveys have a wider reach, as far as the reach of mobile phones. Research suggests that there are approximately 5.07 billion mobile phone clients on the planet in 2019 and this number is still growing.  

Today in the U.S, around 90% of the people are using mobile phones. Just think how wide the range is. 

SMS Surveys are Very Simple to use 

It is simple to create and send SMS surveys. To do this, you don’t need a large team or some heavy devices.  

With the assistance of SMS Survey Software, you can very easily send SMS reviews to numerous clients within a brief timeframe or say minutes, it's just a matter of a few clicks.  

SMS Surveys Have Fantastic Open Rate 

As referenced before, the SMS open rate is 98%. What's more, individuals opened it within minutes. Research suggests that 66% of the population in America really look at their telephones 160 times each day. At the point when they really look at their smartphone and see an SMS in their inbox, they can't avoid opening it.  

SMS Surveys Have a Good Response rate 

Along with the open rate, the reaction pace of SMS is far better than different channels. Studies indicate that text message marketing has a 45% response rate, which is higher than 6% of email marketing. In the same way, the SMS survey response rate is also very good than email.  

SMS for business has become an increasingly popular communication tool, allowing companies to reach customers directly and effectively gather feedback. By utilizing SMS surveys, businesses can leverage the high response rate and quick engagement of SMS to gather valuable insights and improve customer satisfaction.

SMS Survey is the fastest way of Sending Surveys  

SMS surveys are a quick and easy way to get responses from customers. Mostly, people carry mobile devices with them so when they receive an SMS, as per human tendency, they will check it immediately.  

And therefore, they will open the message immediately and look at the link to a survey with an invitation message. They will unquestionably tap on the link and quickly fill out the survey reactions and submit them. 

Tips on Increasing SMS Surveys Response Rate  

For Sender ID, Use Your Brand Name.  

People these days receive promotional messages in huge numbers and therefore, they may treat those as irrelevant. Therefore, it becomes important to introduce your business to customers. Using the name of your brand as an SMS shipper ID is the most effective way out. 

You can use the brand name within 11 characters. However, if your brand’s name exceeds the character limit, then you will have to choose a short form, which will be easy for your customers to recognize. This will let your customers recognize your brand and will also increase your brand visibility.   

Customize Your SMS Surveys 

Customization is a strong way; it will help you engage your customers. As per 2019 research, 72% of clients connect only with those messages that are personalized as per their interests. To personalize a message, you should  

Write their name 

Write your company’s name or branch the customer has visited 

Write the salesperson’s name with whom they have interacted 

Using good SMS survey software, you can undoubtedly send SMS reviews to numerous people using the above-mentioned subtleties without physically altering them in each message. 

Plan Your SMS Surveys in Advance 

You should plan your SMS surveys in advance. It will let you make sure that your customers are receiving SMS on time. You should plan your Relationship SMS surveys well in advance, which you will send at regular intervals such as monthly, quarterly or yearly surveys.  

Create a Mobile-Friendly Survey 

SMS is a component of cell phones. So, if you send out an SMS survey, ensure it's accessible and customers can answer it via mobile phones. 

If you send it in any other way, there is a good chance that you will not get a response, because not all customers have minicomputers or other computerized gadgets with them all the time. So, they might leave the assignment for later, or will not complete the questionnaire.  

Then again, assuming you have sent a survey, which is mobile-friendly, your clients might look at the survey when they receive an SMS and fill out the answers and submit them all at once. 

Send Follow-up Messages  

In order to improve the response rate, you can even try sending follow-up messages to your customers so as to remind them politely that they must give a response to your survey.  

However, you should make sure the reminder you have sent is polite, and you should not blame the client for missing out on the survey.  

Follow “Kiss” Rule: Keep It Short & Simple 

An SMS is short (within 160 characters). If it crosses this limit, then the SMS will be received to customers in chunks, separately. This won’t look suitable to customers, and they may not show any interest in reading separate pieces of messages.   

So, make sure that your message is within 160 characters that will cover everything in the message including your brand name & survey link. This will make your message simple for clients to read, understand and respond to.  


SMS surveys that are sent through SMS survey software are a godsend to businesses who likely want to understand their customers. There are many organizations that have made progress through SMS messages. Such companies are now utilizing SMS so that they can better engage with their customers and receive feedback.   

So, don’t miss out on the marketing opportunity of a lifetime. SMS today is still the most important channel for advertising and connecting with customers.   

By utilizing the above tips and by sending SMS surveys on time, you can make your SMS Survey successful, so that you gather client feedback & increase the reaction rate on your SMS Surveys. 

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