Selfie - New Way To Photography

Selfie word which was a word of a year a few years back. This word came into existence a few years back and now is trending like fire in the forest. People are getting crazy to take selfies. How selfie has changed the way of taking a photograph.


Selfie means taking your image yourself. It came into existence a few years back and now is well-known activity by everyone. Selfies are clicked holding your camera or phone in your hands at arms length. 


  • It helps you take your own click without anyone’s help.
  • You can use any of your devices like smartphone or camera to click your selfie.
  • Easy to take and many different poses can be given in just a few seconds and choose the best shot.
  • Click a selfie and share it with your friends in just a few taps on your smartphone.
  • You can capture a selfie with many people in it easily.

Tips to click Beautiful Selfies - Improve Photography Skills 

  • Light : - Make sure when you are taking a selfie you are in an appropriate place where you have sufficient amount of light to capture the selfie.
  • Angle : -  Best angel should be chosen when you are clicking a selfie as it makes the selfie look beautiful because every person has a specific angle in which they look beautiful. So stand or sit in the angle which you think makes you look beautiful.
  • Height : - In selfie camera and the person taking clicking the selfie both are very important because it depends on the height at which you are placing the phone or camera to take your selfie. You might have noticed that selfie taken from a certain height makes it look beautiful so always try to take your selfie from a certain height.
  • Few Extra Clicks : - When you are clicking a selfie make sure you have taken more than one click because it sometimes may happen that you were not ready or you didn’t find the click appropriate so if you take more than one selfie you have the option to choose the best from the lot.
  • Cover Everyone : - If you are taking a group selfie then make sure that all the people who are there are covered properly in the frame. You can adjust if you want them too but make sure you have everyone in the frame.

 Revolution that Selfie Brought

Selfie has not only changes the way of photography but also has many other changes in the world. Today when someone meets any celebrity they don’t ask for autographs but they ask for a selfie. It has replaced autograph completely. It gives you feeling of independence as you don’t need anyone’s help in order to click your image.

When you having a smartphone it enables you to have many applications so you must know which apps are useful for you and which are not. I order to have good and useful one must know what are your needs. Few needs are common for all and mostly you need a set of applications which will help you in your day to day life easy. 

Even though it has brought many changes still may at times require some corrections or addition. You can make our selfie more attractive by editing it using one of the photography apps like PIP camera , Selfie editor, Picsart etc. So click selfies and make them catchy by editing it with an attractive caption using photography apps. Below mentioned are few tips which will help you to make your life more productive and useful.So this is the best way to create best selfies.

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