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Richard Johnson is a freelance writer who specializes on health issues and writes articles for CardioGod educates, supports & motivates people to live their healthiest lives. CardioGod provides readers with the latest and greatest content on heart health. 

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Atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation is a condition that makes your heart beat much faster than it normally would, in addition to disrupting the heart rhythm. As such, it increases your risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes

causes of high blood pressure

Although high blood pressure is almost inevitable as we age due to structural changes in the arteries, there are modifiable blood pressure factors that may surprise you

How to Make Drugs Work More Effectively

Drugs for treating and preventing illnesses come in different forms and are taken in different ways. However, they may not work or even become dangerous if taken incorrectly or mixed with certain medications. That’s why it is important to take them correctly to be sure they work.


Premature heartbeats are a kind of heart rhythm disturbance, which may signal about some more serious heart malfunctions. Nevertheless, premature heartbeats can occur both in individuals who have developed coronary heart disease or cardiomyopathy and in those, with a healthy organ.

prevent heart attack

In recent decades, Western medicine has shifted its main focus quite dramatically, from infectious diseases towards cancer and chronic conditions, such as heart, stomach and liver issues.

Diabetic Stroke

According to statistics, people suffering from diabetes are 1.5 times more likely to develop a stroke than those who don’t have this disease. So why does it happen? The connection between these two conditions lies in the way the body transforms glucose into energy.

benefits of tea for heart health

Black, green, white or red teas come from the same plant Camellia Sinensis. The difference lies in the processing method: Green tea is made from the buds and top two leaves of a shrub, which are then quickly steamed to prevent fermentation

Arrhythmia is a common name for a group of heart rhythm disorders. Heart arrhythmias may differ in their mechanisms, causes, clinical manifestations, complications and prognosis. Normally, each heartbeat is accompanied by a successive contraction of the heart chambers

Emotions are a substantial part of what makes us human. They guide our actions and behavior and dictate how we feel. Besides, they can have a huge effect on our physical health, including our heart health.

Blood clots

Blood clotting is a necessary process that in certain instances prevent the body from losing too much blood. When you get a paper cut or a minor injury, a blood clot stops the bleeding and falls apart.

Modern women prefer to plan their pregnancies beforehand, which means that the question of effect

Inherited heart problems are those that have been passed on through our parents’ genes. They are caused by a mutation or fault of one or several genes.

Heart failure is an acute or chronic condition accompanied by the weakening of the myocardial contractility and impaired hemodynamics. When the cardiac muscle is weakened

High cholesterol

The body of an average healthy person contains about 35 g of cholesterol, 90% of which is found in an unbound state within the cell membranes of all body tissues and 10% - in blood plasma as a part of lipoproteins. The brain and spinal cord contain most of the body’s cholesterol in the myelin sheath of the nerve endings.