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Arrhythmia is a common name for a group of heart rhythm disorders. Heart arrhythmias may differ in their mechanisms, causes, clinical manifestations, complications and prognosis. Normally, each heartbeat is accompanied by a successive contraction of the heart chambers

Blood clots

Blood clotting is a necessary process that in certain instances prevent the body from losing too much blood. When you get a paper cut or a minor injury, a blood clot stops the bleeding and falls apart.

Modern women prefer to plan their pregnancies beforehand, which means that the question of effect

Inherited heart problems are those that have been passed on through our parents’ genes. They are caused by a mutation or fault of one or several genes.

Heart failure is an acute or chronic condition accompanied by the weakening of the myocardial contractility and impaired hemodynamics. When the cardiac muscle is weakened

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Single ventricle heart defects. You all know that heart has four chambers. The first two upper chambers of heart are collectively called as atria, and atria collect the blood flowing into the heart