PPC basics: Everything you want to know about PPC Marketing

Everything you want to know about PPC Marketing

When digital marketing was in its earlier phase, that time Search Engine Marketing activities include both SEO and Paid Search tasks, but with its evolution, SEM becomes a synonym for paid search only. It would not be wrong if I say it needs a lot of efforts to rank a website on search engines like Google and Bing. If you want to rank your recently published website on Google naturally, then you have to perform a set of online activities under the supervision of an expert. So if you are not web expert and looking for a right approach to rank you freshly hosted the site on Google to get more and more traffic, then Google Adwords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) will be the best approach for you.

What is PPC?

Till now we understand that PPC is an online advertising method and the fastest way to attract traffic your website along with SEO. Most of the organizations use this approach to promote their organization, their product or services, and lots of other things.  PPC is also considered as the best way to get marketing leads and sales for your business.

How PPC Works?

Every time when visitors clicks on an ad, search sends a user to a landing page on our website and for that, we have to pay a small amount to them. If your PPC ad is placed correctly, the money we earn from redirection will be higher than the money we spend on our ads. Let's understand this as if you spend $5 on your PPC ads and get leads worth $500 you have made a huge profit.

Step by step approach for setting up PPC Campaign

So if you are about to invest your money in your first PPC Campaign, Here are some things you should surely consider following steps for a successful approach.

1. Know and analyze your goals.

If you know what you want from your paid campaign, it will be better for you to proceed that way, like if you want to get more sales version then display your product in an attractive way, so potential customers tend to order.

2. Decide the fixed amount for your budget

Determining the right budget is a one really important thing to consider, it is not written anywhere that how much you should invest in your PPC Campaign, you should decide according to the market and customers you are targeting and the number of people you want to target.

3.  Select the desired keywords

Most of the PPC ad platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads depends on the use of keywords. Picking right keywords for your business is not an easy task it requires proper guidance for getting success in a single shot. If you want to do it by yourself, then you can use tools like Google AdWords Keywords Planner or Wordtracker.

4. Bid on keywords

PPC Advertising works on the mechanism of bidding, In your campaign, all you have to do is to bid on the keywords you selected keywords, It can be a costly affair for you depending upon the competition on that keyword. You can easily keep an eye on your competitors how much they are spending further adjusting your bid.

5. Write keyword optimized headlines to gain more attraction

Instead of writing something extremely creative or something fancy try to rely on your keywords because your targeted customers will likely to search using keywords, not from the title of your story

These are some of the main steps and points to notice before starting a PPC Campaign, after running a campaign successfully try to evaluate the results obtained and start working accordingly to improve your performance.

Types of PPC Marketing

Paid search marketing

It is the one most commonly used method of Pay-Per-Click advertising, in this type of promotion method your ads are displayed on search engines like Google and Bing when people search about particular keywords. You can set up your ad campaigns by writing an ad copy, selecting best keywords and picking up the best possible landing page.

Display Ads

It is another type of PPC advertising, in this ads are displayed as Banners, images, and text ads on websites according to the interest of people who are coming to those websites. These ads give redirection to your website, even they have less CTR (Click-Through-Rates) but are considered as good for building awareness about brands.

Social Media Advertising

You can attract a huge number of potential customers from Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, according to trends the PPC ads on social media platforms have higher click-through-rates. If your aim to get more sales leads and to create awareness about your brand, then social media advertising will be the best approach for you. 

Retargeting PPC advertising

In this approach of marketing cookies of user's browsers are used to show them particular ads based on the things searched by a user. For example, if you searched a particular smartphone online, then you will see the ads related to that smartphone. This advertising approach can be used in the search, display and social media PPC ad campaigns. 

These are some basics about PPC Marketing which should be considered before trying hands in this advertising method. There could be lots of pros and cons of this approach depending upon your business which can be settled easily. The primary benefits of PPC advertising include Higher ROI, Quick results, the best way to generate referral traffic at the earliest but it also has some potential risks associated with it.  If things in a PPC campaign are not executed properly, the results can be disastrous.

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