Grow Your Ecommerce Business With AdWords In 2018

Ecommerce Business With AdWords

Being acquainted with the core techniques to enhance your conversion rates is very important while creating a marketing strategy for your e-commerce business. Without any doubt, social media is one of the best platforms that help to convert customers. Every professional web marketing strategy maker considers it an ideal place to begin the campaign, especially in this digital era. It is a lost opportunity when you ignore social media advertising when your prospective customers are trying to discover the products or services just like you offer. Advanced retargeting via personalization and tracking cookies will definitely help accomplish a completely incorporated e-commerce strategy that provides the users with what they desire.


For quite a few years, within AdWords, the mobile-first approach has been observed to be prevailing, through which Google was looking for protecting its revenue from advertisements as more people started using smartphones. Primarily improved campaigns were set out and more lately, a spectrum of bid adjustments and ad extensions have been unveiled to offer flexibility to the advertisers to facilitate their advertisements, in the right perspective based on the user location, device, and earlier communications through diverse online placements.

Let’s now explore how AdWords will help to grow your e-commerce business in 2018.

  • New & Modified Extensions – Shopping extension of Google in 2017, which is crucial to the retailers, has been modified. Now, “Affiliate Location Extension” has been rolled out that will help to link to local outlets for retail in the real world.
  • Tailored Text Advertisements – You now get a spectrum of options that will help to create advertisements with bespoke text in it. Text advertisements can be created that update automatically with the information that you wish your prospective consumers to be acquainted with.
  • Enhanced Insight & Experience – The AdWords professionals will have observed the latest modified user interface. Enhanced insights, for instance, “standard time to convert” report, are intended at assisting the advertisers to be aware of that ways that their advertisement programs fit with customer behavior that is often intricate, entailing numerous devices and interactions over time. The report for “Mobile Landing Page” assists here as well. Additional support for assessment via Campaign Experiments helps the marketers to “experiment and learn”. At last, the commencement of this latest tool by Google in 2018 ought to have special mention.
  • RSLA (Remarketing Lists for Search Advertisements) – It has been proved to be one of the most effective features for Google AdWords.
  • Test Campaigns – Experiments and drafts facilitate you to optimize the Display Network and search campaigns simply by allowing you to suggest and test modifications. Under the “Google AdWords Help” section, you can find comprehensive information on experimental campaigns to help encourage the marketers in the process of “experiment and learn”.
  • Amplified Machine Learning AI Choices in AdWords – To better inform choices, Google has required making use of scrutiny of historical data of advertisement, for some time now. At times such modifications have been for assisting less refined advertisers, for instance, optimizing depending on “Smart Bidding” or “Smart Objectives” where the promoters have not arranged their own brand objectives or fulfill their bid modifications. In other scenarios, the influence of Machine Learning can certainly bring into play on major campaigns to perk up ROI, for instance, a specific travel website that makes use of Smart Display campaigns that optimized bidding, targeting, and over 30,000 advertisements on the display network.

Having a defined social media strategy will help to promote your brand, services or products efficiently. Moreover, it is very important to raise brand awareness. However, combining it with shopping features on several social media platforms can encourage the target audience to “act” and thus will boost your business.

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