The Power of the Intelligent Search



Nowadays, it is common for employees to find it difficult to have access to the right information that they need for their tasks. In this case, they can become disengaged very quickly if they are inefficient in their work. In general, problems in the workplace are related to a lack of information or knowledge. To remedy this, companies can help their employees to learn and give them access to information.

Imagine the customer knowledge, their purchasing insights, and the potential revenue that is contained within the unregulated data arising from end-user search queries? What if this somewhat unstructured data could be harnessed and utilized to allow employees to find the information they require both quickly and efficiently? Welcome to the power of the Intelligent Search - using artificial intelligence technology, this technical searching algorithm will eliminate the search of unnecessary data, and will ably assist both employees and customers to find what they want - simply and easily.

What is an Intelligent Search?

Intelligent Search is an AI-driven occurrence introduced by new-age enterprise search programs that implies a searching platform that is "smart" enough to understand the end-user and their searching requirements.

Employees can use an intelligent search to obtain information, regardless of whether they are operating within, or outside, their organization. Intelligent search, and enterprise search, are interchangeable terms with natural language search, AI-powered search, and cognitive searching capabilities.

Companies and institutions cannot simply use a Google search, or other traditional search engines, to obtain business-specific answers to questions such as: "why are our suppliers delayed in delivering our raw products again?" or "what are the key challenges our customers face during their overall customer experience?" The key for an intelligent search that works, unlike any typical search engine and web search, is that it garners the correct information and can answer specific questions relative to your business.

How does an Intelligent Search work?

Intelligent searching works by combining multiple data sources and smartly connecting them all with the use of a "connector". Once all of the data sources have been combined (or connected), they are then indexed, providing the ability for a unified search to occur, thus permitting the ranking of aggregated search results.

In conjunction with AI, this accumulated, indexed, and now search ranked data can be further scrutinized to allow semantic correlations between the individual sections of this data to occur - what this does is provide a platform that creates an intelligent chain amongst the data, that can be sensitively examined for significant data trends.

What are the benefits of Intelligent Search?

In a nutshell, structured customer data will provide insights that can enable the right business decisions to occur. Natural Language Processing can give business meaning across these data sources - and the key is the timeliness that this information can provide those stakeholders that can make meaningful, and swift, important business decisions.

Coupling AI technology such as machine learning and natural language processing, with analytics and end-user searching, can uncover hidden value within unstructured data sets, and deliver transformative business outcomes that will have a higher level of success.


Intelligent searching is emerging as an extremely productive data searching toolset that is a necessity for business enterprises. In conjunction with AI, it provides a powerful technology option for today's business climate, with unlimited possibilities ahead, and competitive advantages.

Companies can use its intrinsic power to satisfy the demands of their customers, who are seeking the most pertinent information available, with the minimum effort required. The importance of any intelligent enterprise search tool can simplify the analysis of the enormous volumes of intricate business data to conclude customer insights that can help them drive all-important business growth.

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