Plain and Simple Packaging Vs. Print Company Custom Packaging


When you run a business that is going to be shipping products out to customers, you need to think carefully about your packaging. Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. While customers used to care only about prices and quality of items, they are now looking for brands that are going to offer them the whole package. In other words, they want to be excited by the item they receive and they want to be treated like they are special. One way that businesses are doing this is by investing in custom packaging from a print company.

But, is this really necessary? Let’s take a look at the debate between using plain and simple packaging and print company custom packaging for your business.

Print Company Custom Packaging

First of all, let’s consider custom packaging that is created by a print company. A lot of businesses are choosing to go down this road due to all of the advantages of having bespoke and custom packaging offers. Namely, it can create a great first impression to customers. They often say that you can only make a good first impression once. Thus, the packaging is going to be the first thing that a customer sees and you want it to stand out. Having your own bespoke packaging can be a way to create excitement and intrigue for your brand. It can help customers feel more satisfied with what they have bought too.

Designing custom packaging can be fun and rewarding for a business. You can make your branding stand out and this can actually help with marketing too. For example, if you are designing shipping packaging, you can share the name of your brand and build awareness. Ensure that you choose a print company with experience so that you can bring your ideas to life. They are going to have all of the best print technology and software for packaging, as well as a team that can help you with any finer details.

Therefore, custom packaging can help your brand stand out from the competition. A lot of industries are crowded and this means you have to work hard to make sure customers see your brand. Packaging can be a way to grab everyone’s attention and improve the customer experience. Custom packaging can be more affordable than you think too when you choose the right print company.

Plain and Simple Packaging

Does this mean that plain and simple packaging is obsolete? Absolutely not.  There are still some companies that choose to use ordinary cardboard boxes or plain packaging and there can be some reasons why you might want to do this. For instance, if you are on a low budget, you may be wanting to keep costs down when it comes to packaging. While bespoke packaging does not always cost a fortune, you might wish to start with plain boxes and bags.

There is no doubt that custom packaging has a host of benefits. This is something that plain packaging simple does not achieve. It is not going to have positive effect on customers. They will either ignore the packaging and it is not part of the unboxing experience or they may not be impressed at all. Customers are a lot more demanding than they used to. They are looking for the whole package from businesses and they want to be impressed. Missing out on this opportunity with your packaging could mean they choose a competitor next time.

However, there may still be a time and place for plain and simple packaging. For example, if you are having to ship large and unusual-sized items, it may be best to stick to ordinary cardboard boxes. This can be more affordable and keep your costs down. In particular, you can choose to go down this road if the item is already in bespoke packaging. The cardboard packaging on the outside is simply for protection.

There is also the element of security. You might want to ship large items in an ordinary and plain box because it has a high price tag. You may not want to allow the package to gather attention and attract anyone’s eye. There is also the element for the customer in that perhaps they do not want other people to know what is in the packaging. So, you can ensure that their parcel gets to them safely, as well as allowing their privacy and for nobody to know what is in the packaging.

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