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A security alarm is a system designed to detect trespass or unauthorized entry into a building or other area. Generally, security alarm systems are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military properties for protection against theft or property damage.

Some alarm systems serve as a single purpose for theft protection and combination alarm systems providing both fire and intrusion protection.

Design of security alarm system

The basic security alarm system has one or more sensors to detect intruders and an alerting device to indicate the intrusion. However, a security alarm system employs the following components:

Premises control unit

The premises control unit is also known as an alarm control panel or simply panel. It is called the “brain” of the system. It reads sensor inputs, tracks arm status and signals intrusions. In modern systems, there is typically one or more computer circuit boards inside a metal enclosure, along with a power supply.


Sensors are those devices which detect intrusions. Sensors may be placed at the particular perimeter of the protected area. Sensors can detect intruders by a number of ways such as monitoring doors or by monitoring unoccupied interiors for motions, sound or vibration.

Alerting devices

These indicate an alarm condition. Most commonly bells, sirens or flashlights are used. Alerting devices serves as the two ways for warning occupants of intrusion and for potentially scaring off burglars.


These are small devices typically wall-mounted and function as the human-machine interface to the system.


These are between components. And have direct wiring to the control unit or wireless links with local power supplies.

Different types of security alarm system

There are several types of alarm systems for home and business. Some alarms just provide appliances that will signal if the alarm is triggered. Other alarm systems come with appliances and a security monitoring service. Each alarm system has different installation, requirements and different costs.

1. Burglar alarms

Home burglar alarms usually come to mind when you start looking at home security systems. And this system is included in a basic alarm package.

Burglar alarms include:

  • Window and door sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Main control panel
  • Centrally located keypad
  • Exterior security signs
  • Hard-wired or wireless construction

2. Safety alarm system

Some of these most common safety alarm systems are included in every home. And these are discussed as below:

  • Smoke alarm system

Smoke alarm systems include multiple battery- operated or hard-wired smoke detectors, possibly strobe lights and hearing features for hearing impaired homeowners.

  • Fire alarms system

Fire alarms contain a series of smoke detectors, heat detectors and possibly an in-home sprinkler.

3. Critical systems alarms

One of the most common and overlooked aspects of home security and safety is the home’s built-in systems, such as heating, cooling, and plumbing. So there are 2 types of alarm system that takes care of these services

  • Heating and cooling alarm system

Heating and cooling alarms include detection and monitoring devices that give information about your heating or cooling system often directly to an alarm monitoring company.

  • Flood and water alarm system

Flood and water alarm system monitor appliances and plumbing system where even small leakage can go undetected and eventually result in thousands in repair.

4. Medical alarms

A medical alarm is an alarm system designed to detect the presence of a hazard requiring urgent attention. A medical alarm is also known as a personal emergency response system or medical alert.

Most significant features of latest security alarms:

  • The latest security alarms are equipped with interactive features that help to understand the entire features of your alarm in a simpler way. These talking devices are especially good for those who have a complex control panel, keypads or remotes. Those systems which are not equipped with the interactive features, a detailed study of the user manual is provided for understanding its working procedures.
  • Most of the home security systems run on electricity, therefore, it is important to ensure that you have a constant electricity supply so that the system keeps functioning without failure. You must have sufficient power backup system to ensure that the security of the house is maintained even during a power outage.
  • Some of the latest house security alarms have inbuilt smoke detectors that add another layer of protection to your residence. The smoke detector alarms are integrated with the security devices in such a way that they do the exact job of a smoke detector along with being an effective security device.
  • Nowadays home security systems have come up with a wireless system that doesn’t have cords attached to them. These wireless systems don’t have extensive installations and can be easily installed in any part of the house including rooftops, balconies, garages, stores etc. In this system, information is transmitted to the master control panel through radio frequencies. These wireless alarms are more efficient than conventional ones.

The latest security alarm systems and security cameras are equipped with an array of latest and hi-tech features that make them truly competent for providing complete security solutions.

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