Natural Ethnic Skin Care: What You Need to Know

Natural Ethnic Skin Care

Studies revealed that, all around the globe, the majority of the people turn out to be taking care of their family members as well as the tiniest of issues of their near and dear ones. Owing to the least amount of time left after all these, they face difficulty in taking care of themselves. They cannot look after them at all. And as time proceeds, they get into the habit of almost forgetting about themselves.

This can turn out to be extremely vulnerable. This is because to maintain a healthy and prosperous lifestyle, they need to make it a habit to regularly take care of their own self. And in here the main thing to be taken care of is the skin, which is one of the significant parts of the integumentary system of the human body. The skin is something that men and women should be taking care of, irrespective of what their gender is as well as the color of their skin. 

It has been found that those who care for their skin are mostly people with fair skin. This is thus evident that people with dark skin also tend to omit the matter of taking care of their skin from the list of their day to day activity.
Now I am going to discuss what you need to know about natural ethnic skin care

Things one should know

Before anything else, one must understand that the skin that each and every human being possesses are different from each other. Yes, not everyone on Earth possesses a unique skin type. That would make millions of varying skin types. However, there are some basic categories under which the different skin types can be brought and further be put into other sub-categories. 

There are some extremely basic necessities for all skin types. This, not at all, relies on the ethnic background or skin color. Our skin needs to be fed in the exact same way as the human body needs to be fed. The very first basic necessity is mild and gentle cleansers. If cleansers, which are extremely harsh to the skin, are used, then it may result in rashes or other skin irritations, which is totally undesirable. The worst-case scenario is that these irritations may always not be curable. They might become permanent suffering for you if not adequately monitored or not taken proper care of from the very beginning. When considering to buy cleansers, it is advisable to make the decision to always buy shower gels or any other cleansers with a liquid or gel base. To maintain healthy skin, one should keep away from using soap bars. The reason behind this matter is that soap bars are too much dry for the skin and at the same time, they clog and block the pores of the skin. Hence the skin cannot breathe properly and may look faint. The skin may look ashy and start to feel dry. 

Our skin can be classified into the following main types:

• Oily skin

Oily skin is very much self-explanatory. As its name suggests, this skin type has a lot of oil secretions throughout the body. This excess oil secretion is a continuous process, especially when out in the sun, and on the face, it produces a persistent greasy, and shiny appearance.
If not taken care of in time, the skin pores can become clogged and, causing dead skin cells to accumulate more. Different types of diseases and irritations, such as different types of acne, pimples, and blackheads are very common with this skin type.

• Dry skin

As per the scientific study, dry skin type produces less sebum than normal skin (the standard and plain skin type). Owing to this, a shortage of sebum occurs. Thus dry skin lacks the lipids that are necessary and hence, it becomes difficult to retain moisture. Thus building a tough and protective shield to prevent the skin from any harmful external influences. 

• Combination skin

This skin type refers to those types of skin which comprise of a combination of the other skin types. One’s skin can be dry or normal in some regions of the body and at the same time oily in others. T-zone, an area on the face, which includes nose, forehead, and chin are usually the parts that turn out to be oily for a person possessing a combination skin type. Many people have this type of skin. A slight difference in care may be needed in different areas.

Combination skin can have pores that may look more significant than usual because they’re more open, blackheads, and shiny skin.

Each of them requires different types of treatments. Thus we all should take special care when buying skincare commodities. Below is a simple classification of what kind of treatment every type of skin requires. We should always choose appropriate products.

For oily and combination skins, it is good and wise to choose and use gels and serums. Any type of cleanser which is gel-based can be used without any worry.

On the other hand, for dry skin types, one can use creams and lotions. Such creams include moisturizing cream and de-tanning lotions.
Along with that, sunscreen is also recommended during the day time. This helps you in preventing your skin when you are outside, and your skin is exposed to the sun. Sunscreen protects your skin by blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun. This also prevents uneven skin tone, mostly for women whose signs of aging is due to skin damage. 

Some people have already damaged their skin due to their immense carelessness. Their skin now needs to be replenished and restored. Skincare lotions with crucial ingredients such as anti-oxidants, skin-restoring, and replenishing ingredients are of great importance and are necessary.


Along with all the types of skin that I have mentioned, there is another type of skin that requires extreme care. People having this skin type find it to be extremely troublesome. This is the sensitive skin type. People say that they cannot use many of the skincare products as well as they cannot go out in the sun. This is mainly because they then have a burning sensation. Thus, extra care must be taken for treating this skin type.

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