The Amazing Benefits Of Skin Needling

Benefits Of Skin Needling

As we grow older we all too often find ourselves looking in the mirror wondering what happened to that clear, clean skin we had in our youths. We might even wonder "Who is this wrinkled, blemished stranger staring back at me? If that's really me, is there anything I can do to return to how I used to look?" Fortunately, there is a way to make big improvements to your skin's appearance, and it doesn't even require any invasive surgery!

The science of skin needling is by far the fastest and most effective way to make your skin appear youthful again, along with some other happy benefits! The application of the skin needling pen rejuvenates the appearance of your ageing skin, and it can also be used to reduce scarring, treat acne, remove unsightly blackheads, and reduce your skin's production of excess oils! If this sounds wonderful so far, you might be wondering how it works!

Skin needling is a procedure that actually creates carefully targeted microscopic skin injuries called microtrauma (don't worry, they don't actually hurt!) that activate the natural healing response in your skin! In other words, you are using a little bit of hurting to create a lot of healing! The pen's microscopic needles vibrate at a high speed while piercing your skin's superficial layer thousands of times a second. These tiny controlled piercings go past the epidermis, then pass through the dermis as they stimulate the skin's healing response resulting in greatly increased collagen and elastin formation, which makes your skin heal back looking clear and clean again!

One of the most exciting aspects of skin needling is that it improves the texture and quality of your skin immediately, and the procedure only takes about one hour to perform! There may be a small amount of pinpoint bleeding in people with very sensitive skin, and a slight redness will take about 1 or two days to dissipate.

We have gone over the basics now, so let's dive a little deeper into the process in order to gain a better understanding of how it works and exactly what it does for you!

The pinprick of the microscopic needles stimulates the remodelling of collagen that is already present in the skin, while also encouraging the formation of new collagen and revascularization, meaning the return of blood vessels, within the skin. The presence of collagen and elastin are the components that give our skin the healthy plump look that younger people exhibit. Unfortunately, when we hit the age of 30 the collagen and elastin begin to naturally degrade and dissipate. This can also be caused by other processes such as sun exposure and tobacco smoking. This loss of collagen becomes apparent as we start to see sagging in the skin, and other undesirable changes like wrinkles and blemishes.

In a very convenient fashion, as soon as the skin needling procedure is concluded the healing process begins. You will find evidence of this when you touch your skin afterwards, it will feel softer and more supple! The day after the procedure occurs the resulting temporary redness will look as if you were out in the sun a bit too long. It is recommended that you relax the rest of the day following the procedure and drink plenty of fluids, but the next morning you can go to work, exercise, or do anything else you normally do, although it is advised that if you do not get too much sun that day, and if you do venture out to wear plenty of sunscreen and UV ray protective clothing.

Along with softer, clearer, younger-looking skin, skin needling is highly effective at treating some other undesirable skin conditions such as reducing acne scars, which were quite difficult to treat in the past. When scarring occurs on your skin from conditions like acne, the body starts up a natural healing process called fibrosis. While fibrosis is useful for healing because it acts as a kind of glue that holds the skin together, it tends to be a bit too strong, and it pulls the skin downwards, which is called tenting, leaving scarring and pockmarks on the skin's surface, giving it a rough appearance. The application of the skin needling procedure will break up the fibrosis glue beneath the skin, allowing it to release its grip and stop the tenting, resulting in a nice, smooth skin texture.

And once again, the desired effects can be seen immediately after the procedure has been performed so that you can enjoy instant results!

Skin needling has helped thousands of people lead better, more confident lives by healing unsightly skin conditions that they felt self-conscious about. Anyone suffering from a chronic skin problem who is seeking relief is highly recommended to try skin needling, it really is a modern scientific wonder that will help you look and feel your best!

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