Link Building Strategies for Startups: 5 Ways to Get Results

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SEO is one of the most important digital marketing channels your company can use to reach out to its future clients. And even though the process of ranking your site near the top of the SERP involves dozens of different aspects and activities its foundations are laid down by link building or using high-quality and high-authority sites to place the links back to your online platform.

Though SEO can be complicated, you can reap its rewards if it’s done consistently. In particular, implementing a SaaS SEO strategy increases visibility and demand. When you provide relevant content to the search engine’s algorithm, your business will achieve better visibility on listings and ranking pages. Thus, providing helpful content with search-engine-friendly keywords strengthens your ‘sense of authority.’ 

In addition, using SaaS SEO services as part of your strategy attracts more potential customers who will be interested in your services or products. Even if you’re just starting out, taking advantage of quality backlinks from trusted online sites is a good start.

To do that, the marketers will use dozens of different strategies not all of which are equally as affordable or bear the same results. Let us take a look then at a couple of the most important mentions you should keep on your radar.

Build your own guest-posting network

If you are unfamiliar with the term, guest-posting describes the process of reaching out to different publications and blogs (preferably related to your native industry) and asking them to publish an article that will contain the links to your website. And keeping in mind that the content machine needs to be fed 24/7 you will never deplete the pool of available options. So, as long as you are willing to do a healthy dose of outreach and can adapt your writing to different audiences you always have a door to knock on.

Access to many blogs can expand your reach and widen your audience. It can also help you tap into what you thought could be an unapproachable niche. Assign the most qualified staff for this task since they’ll have to do extensive research and read various articles to gauge the quality of a potential publisher.

Put a focus on evergreen content

By evergreen content, we meant content that is not related to contemporary trends and issues (e.g., COVID-19) but rather some topics that will keep their relevance as time goes by. This can be a double-edged sword, though, since relevant articles always drive stronger traffic. But, on the other hand, these results can only be sustained in the short term. Therefore, if your strategies are not only a one-time effort and you are building a long-term SEO infrastructure, make sure the pieces you put out have strong legs.

This is crucial because readers in this day and age consume content fast. They can tell if a blog is helpful or not. Hence, you need to make sure that you produce well-written content that can stand the test of time. 

For content to be relevant and timeless, it should resonate with readers and make no mention of seasons, holidays, or anything related to a specific time of year.

Utilize the next stage of link-building tactics

This is an umbrella term describing various advanced SEO strategies like using local link building, brand mentions, and competitor link analysis. As you can probably guess this type of activity preferably involves help from a third party with pretty good knowledge of the market and SEO industry. In that case, you should look for professional link-building services. These companies also have a lot of clouts so they will be able to push your content more easily.

Share content on social media platforms

In other words, you should distribute your content where your audience likes to hang out. Do your best then to learn more about the most popular platforms, the habits of their users, posting frequency, and what types of content work best for each outlet. Once you are done, you will be in a position to boost your engagement and extend the reach of your brand to an unprecedented level. You will also get to learn more about your clients' habits, stances, and interests which is an incredibly useful perk on its own.

Get in touch with influencers

Influencers are incredibly important for main two reasons. First, as their name suggests, their opinions have a great resonance with the general public so getting a mention on the podcast or the website of some important figure from your industry can get a lot of people to your website. Second, these people have a very deep follower pool you absolutely want to tap into. Once you get an official endorsement, that link will remain there forever and the new followers will keep spilling over to your company’s site as well.

So, there you have it – the top five link-building strategies that should help you put your company on the map with very little time and resources. These days, a vast majority of online experiences start with some sort of search query. With that in mind, ranking your website on the first page of SERP where most of the traffic takes place should be your absolute priority. The strategies we suggested above will certainly nudge you in the right direction.

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