Josh Whedon

Josh is a sports and fitness writer who provides useful tips, tricks and exercises to leave a long and fulfilling life. In his professional life, he actively consults business executives of fortune 500 companies to better balance their health and work schedules.

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8 Killer Business Tips To Attract Success

Everyone is looking for the quick fix in business. The one thing that’s going to skyrocket them to success. We hear stories of the overnight success which came out of seemingly nowhere and is now the latest craze.

Important Tips to Train New Employees

The thought of training a new employee is likely to fill your mind with dread. You’re worried whoever you hired might not be all they promised to be in their interview. It’s impossible to tell whether they’ll flake after two weeks, which means you have to start all over again.

Did you know getting a great massage isn’t just relax but has serious health benefits? Massages can improve your health through a number of different ways from reducing anxiety to soreness in your body


If lifting weights, working the elliptical or doing yoga aren't quite up your alley, you may want to consider hitting the tennis courts to lose weight. Not only is it a fun alternative to the gym,