How to Optimize your Social Login!

social login

No matter which vertical your business serves in, it becomes imperative for everyone to engage with customers through the web properties they own. Providing privileged access to your resources as a means of engagement is surely the best way to build loyalty. Even the best brands in the world are representing the best example of this.

In the time of ’20s when anyone logs into his/her web browser, one of the tab is by default gets reserved for Facebook or Twitter. According to Facebook, it had around 1.08 billion daily active users as of 2015.  With this large scale engagement on social media, it obviously makes sense to leverage the option of Social Login. Apparently, the login process is the very first step a user needs to pass and this also decides how capable your website is to keep your customers interested or to repel them from site against attracting them further. Social Login allows your customers to directly login to your web property with the help of their already existing social identities.

But the story doesn’t stop here. To get the maximum out of the entire registration process, your Social Login must be optimized and needs to be smooth for customers. Social login opens up the big doors to welcome mountains of authenticated first-party data which is important to provide more personalized customer experience. So how you can optimize your Social Login? Read On:

Decide on Networks that benefit you!

Don’t over-populate your signup page by including unnecessary social network login options. The very first thing you need to do is to filter out where your targeted audience mostly hangs out and then provide ready to access to all of them. Although there is no preset ordered list of social networks, It has to be chosen by you depending on your preferences. Facebook and Twitter without any doubt assure their presence everywhere in each possible industry.

Decide on the number of options you give to your customers!

This is tricky but you need to decide on the number of social media profiles you include as your preferred login profile. It should be between 2 and 4. Generally, people’s choice goes with the three hot in demand options for login and the other networks are listed on a separate page.

Should you just chunk the email registration!

Well, you might make a huge mistake here. You need to keep the funnel wide open as there is still a huge audience who prefer email registration over Social Login. So the best optimization is to include Social Login along with email registration and let your customers know how they want to sign up or sign in.

Decide on the page dependency!

You can’t put the social login buttons same throughout your entire website. They should change their presence depending on the page you are on. Of course, they should be widely visible on the home page as the most frequent logins will be from your home page. On the home page, you can place a Social Login button through a direct sign in a link or through a pop-up. Both go well but ultimately the presence of these buttons solely depends upon the layout of your webpage.

Should you use account linking?

Account linking can be very beneficial if your customers use Social Login and use different social identities each time. This can get you the access to multiple data points from multiple accounts rather than just one. But then it needs permission from your customers. There is one and only condition in account linking is that the email address using with different social accounts must be same throughout or you can simply ask your customers to like multiple accounts so that they can log in with any of them anytime.

So now you get it how Social Login can be optimized to save your customers from the pain of filling out long registration forms just at the moment they arrive on your website. Customers want everything simple and painless. The more website look fascinating and flexible in processing, the more your web visitors would like to explore. So always experiment with new methods like the concept of GIF images to make your website more alluring.

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