How Mobile Apps are Built and Why They're So Popular

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With predictions about cell phones coming to account for 45 percent of all business activities by 2021, there is no doubt that capitalization on the cell phone markets is imperative. It has led to the rise of Progressive Web Apps in the past, which have made the experience of surfing the web extremely pleasant for phone users.

How Are Applications Influencing Internet Usage?

To make it even more pleasant for the User, corporations have come to believe that mobile phone applications are essential to presence. Businesses like Airbnb, Uber, and Careem exist solely on cell phone applications and enjoy huge revenues worldwide.

Applications are not soon going to become a trend but are already one. Only in 2018, the number of mobile applications downloaded was 197 billion, further proving this point. Perhaps the fact that the app development process now with the methodologies such as the Agile development methodology, Rapid Application Development methodology, and Waterfall development methodology has seen rapid advancement contributes to this vast dependence.

How to Create A Successful Mobile Application?

But the real question is how to create a successful mobile application. Here are some tips for creating a successful mobile application:

Audience Analysis:

Why would audience analysis be necessary for technical as Mobile app development? The field has several different trends prevailing at any time, and not understanding these trends is the main reason most organizations fail. One of the most apparent trends in the industry is the android operating system. Around 80% of all smartphones sold are android platforms, while only the other 20% are iOS. Then it becomes clear that if you want a successful application with a maximum number of downloads, you must cater to android. However, if you want an even heavier effect, designing a cross-platform application is much more that will capture the entire market is much more important.

Application Design & User Experience at the Forefront of Your Mind

The success of any app development project depends on the quality of the user experience. The best way to ensure your product is successful is to start with user research and design.

The following are some tips for successful app development with application design and user experience at the forefront of your mind:

Start with a high-level idea or problem statement, then write down all possible solutions, features, and functions to make sure you have a full picture before you start designing.

Conduct user research and interviews before you even start designing anything. It will help you understand what people want from your product in detail.

Make sure your team members work together well to share ideas, brainstorm, and get feedback from each other during the ideation process.

Native iOS vs. Android Apps vs. Cross-Platform Apps

The mobile app market is growing and offers many different types of apps. There are native iOS apps, Android apps, and cross-platform apps.

Native apps are typically developed for a specific operating system. They are built on the platform’s native design and features. However, cross-platform apps can built for multiple devices with the help of cross-platform development tools.

Native iOS vs. Native Android Apps:

Native iOS apps are developed specifically for Apple’s iOS operating system. Native Android apps are designed specifically for Google’s Android operating system.

Cross-Platform Apps:

Cross-platform development tools allow developers to build an app that will work on both iOS and Android platforms and other platforms like Windows, MacOS, Roku, etc.


Much of what goes into making an app is common sense, but most are not. The most useful tip is ensuring you have a plan before exploring app creation. Perhaps many aspects may lie in areas with no definitive answer, but audience analysis can almost always solve those problems.

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