Mirrorfly - Best Quickblox Alternative & Competitor to Consider


“The potentiality of an exquisite chat app provider solely depends on how far the features & technologies perform beyond the expectations”

Since the sought after of chat applications are multiplying cuz of its exceptional perks in business and collaboration that changes the mode of conversation to next-level. Messaging platforms have been the greatest mode of communication when it comes to enterprise level cases. With these transformations, a diverse range of enterprises and aspiring professionals integrate the Web chat API on their mobile and web applications. This set a way to raise several chat application providers to urge in developing a real-time chat application.

Though every chat app providers impel to position themselves at the pinnacle, Mirrorfly and Quickblox are the zeniths in offering the best chat apps for mobile and web in the overfilled chat app market. To bring a comprehensible discovery of the best web-based chat API providers to partner with, let us take a closer look at the comparison between Quickblox and Quickblox alternative - Mirrorfly based on diverse parameters.

A Rival Between the Top-Notches - Mirrorfly vs Quickblox


An absolute chat app solution assists in providing all type of enriched Web-based chat API, voice/video chat API and ample space for delivering customizable solutions. This giant player commonly called as the Quickblox alternative which was established in 2015 with effectual features that result in delivering successful chat Applications on the iOS, Android and Web. Later, the messaging solution introduced inbuilt WebRTC to offer seamless and persistent voice/video chat across the web and mobile applications without relying on any other third-party integrations.  

Following the implementation of WebRTC, emerged as a leading provider of “Chat API and Messaging SDK solutions”. And also introduced some enriched features where the entire functionalities and features can be exploited for a lifetime experience through one-time payment option in order disregard the complexity of monthly subscription.    



Started in the year 2011 as a developer toolkit for building backend infrastructure of chat applications. They provide a complete SaaS platform with multiple integrations of chat functionalities and reliable features. It is evolved as a BaaS (Backend as a service) and transformed as a ready-go chat API platform for mobile and web applications. The chat platform is also enabled with essential functionalities such as Video & Voice calling with instant notification purely based on subscription-based chat platform.

A Thorough Insightful Comparison of Mirrorfly vs Quickblox 

The advanced features list for every chat application:

1. Chat channels: Create a great number of chat functionalities based on your user’s usage such as group conversation, one-to-one communication, and message broadcasting chat functionality.

2. Sharing & Storage: An awe-inspiring information is not worth without sharing, share unlimited media files through any number of devices.

3. Payment Integration: Now paying through your own chat application is made simple.

4. Push Notification: Aggrandizing the online presence through active push notifications either as messages or any communication format in real-time on multiple cross-platform, cross-device with end-to-end encryptions.

5. Security: Armed with 3-tier security encryption to safeguard the assets through end-to-end encryption, AES and HMAC functionalities to create a secure messaging platform.

6. Chat SDK & Messaging API: Powering the collaboration platform more intuitive and Retention for chat integration API on third-party platforms and multi-platforms for iOS/Android/Web applications.

Make Your Choice:

Since both the chat platform and messaging solution providers offer different functionalities and features, it is much essential to understand the provided features meets your custom business demands. So, customization has a prime part in playing the significant role of your chat application. When it comes to customizing the entire chat solution, partnering with Mirrorfly makes an ideal act to contrive your next-generation chat solution with upgradeable features, whereas Quickblox can create its comfort by delivering a complete product-based chat solution with subscription charges. A noteworthy chat application will provide intuitive and high-performing applications that run across the platforms.

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