How to Effectively Strategize Digital Marketing for Startups

How to Effectively Strategize Digital Marketing for Startups

The success of a startup undeniably hinges on skyrocket sales for which you need more and more people to get acquainted with your brand. The problem is your newly emerged business does not have ample funds to invest heavily into marketing and advertising campaigns. This is where you can take the support of digital marketing to attract and engage millions of potential customers in a short period and with a tiny budget. With an efficiently strategized digital marketing plan, your business does not just compete in the industry but also face off the scores of other digital marketing campaigns prominently influencing the consumers.

What Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing refers to the marketing of products or services using digital technologies mainly on the internet but also extending to some non-internet mediums. The digital marketing techniques take in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization And Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Email Direct Marketing, display advertising, and much more. Given are a few invaluable guidelines to design an effective digital marketing campaign for startups and small businesses. 

Don’t Make Social Media Presence Maddening For Followers

Social media has developed as the most influential tool to scale up or down a brand image. Therefore, make your presence on social networking sites certain and consistent. Do not just post on your social media pages regularly but there should also be distinctiveness in your post that must attract the reader. Make sure your followers do not get annoyed by your frequent messages and posts. Remember, the optimal number of posts on Facebook is between 5 to 10 posts a week, 5 tweets on Twitter a day, and 1 post on LinkedIn and Google+ each day. 

Some corporates only use their social media accounts to promote their products or services. This can be an unsuccessful strategy as it is not aiding the followers. Find and share information that your followers may find interesting and helpful. If they share your post, you would get more traffic on your page and probably more customers as well. Meanwhile, make your social media page a platform where your customers can easily get engaged with you. Many large scale companies have moved their customer care services to social media and interact with their customers, give them required information, and resolve their complaints in faster and efficient manner. So, make sure you follow the best practice.

Underrating Content Marketing Can Be Disastrous

Unfortunately, many small businesses disregard investments in content marketing. Content is important because your entire digital marketing campaign hinges on it. If your content is not effective, the message you are communicating to your target audience will not be supported anymore. Concentrate on a creative content that describes your product or service in the best interest of the customers.

If you think creative content may cost you a lot, think again. You can find inexpensive and quality content on the various content providing websites. For example, the Fiverr can provide you with an animated video explaining your product or service against a tiny amount. The explanatory videos are impeccable for startups as they convey your new product or service in a quick and effective way. Once you produce a valuable piece of branded content, spread that as much as you can using your social media profiles, reaching LinkedIn groups and industry forums, contributing to other popular websites and emailing to the industry experts.  

Small Investments into Multiple Platforms

There are numerous digital marketing channels where you can invest. Make sure you spend your dollars only on the most favorable option for your business. Twitter’s sponsored tweets, LinkedIn’s premium services and Facebook’s Pay-to-Play are a few valuable options you can experiment with to have the best return on investment. Also, get your hands on Google Display Network (GDN) – the largest advertising network on the internet allowing you to display advertising on millions of websites, blogs, and pages. A digital marketing campaign with creative content and smartly targeting the relevant audience can help startups develop brand awareness and acquire more customers.

The Bottom Line

Running a startup with a restricted budget can be hard for anyone but with a sound knowledge of digital marketing and smart investment moves, you can drive robust results for your startup on the largest digital network.

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