Expat: How to Safely Travel Abroad?

Expat: How to safely travel abroad?
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Traveling abroad is a fun and exciting experience for every expat. But this Covid-19 pandemic makes it harder to travel abroad. Either the country that you plan to visit do not accept tourist or they are implementing too strict protocols.

You need to take up precautionary measures to ensure that your trip will remain joyous and safe. Here are the top safety tips for expat when traveling abroad.

Safety travel tips for Expat

1.  Get a check-up and appropriately vaccinated

Before going on a trip, you need to always have a physical check-up to make sure that you are healthy enough to travel abroad. Aside from that, a lot of numerous worldwide travel destinations require pre-travel vaccinations. And before you hop on a flight to your new host country, you have to get these injections administered months before.

2. Always have electronic copies of your documents.

You will never know when accidents or circumstances will happen. That is why it is always best to have backups. Do ensure to have electronic copies of all the necessary documentation with you when traveling outside the country.

Keep an electronic copy of your immunization record, medical insurance card, itinerary, passport, plane tickets, travel insurance, and visas before you leave your home. You can keep the e-copies to your smartphone, flash drives, or email the file to yourself. You can also upload a copy in the cloud in case that your paperwork will be lost or damaged.

3. Travel lightly and don't carry everything together.

Although, it is very tempting to keep your credit cards, cash, traveler’s check, and identification cards all in your wallet that is not advisable. When you are going outside, don't bring them all out with you. Just brings enough money and keep your credit cards, money, IDs, and check safely inside your hotel room.

You can keep all the monetary items and identification in a separate wallet if you are going to carry it with you. In case that somebody will steal your wallet, your identifications are safe.

4. Don't keep the important items in your back pocket.

Remember that you are traveling in an unfamiliar place. Pickpockets are everywhere in the world and tourists are a hot target for them. As a nomad, you should not carry things in your back pocket. But instead, put your wallet, purse, hotel keys, and phone in a small travel neck wallet that you can wear in front with you.

5. Check-out your insurance coverage

Travel insurance is very important for every expat, nomad, or traveler. If you are on a short vacation, getting travel insurance may be enough. But if you are looking for a long-term stay in your host country, it is best to purchase international health insurance.

6. Identify your destination's healthcare system

Whether you are planning on a short trip or a long vacation, you must know your host nation's healthcare system to see if your current medical insurance plans would be enough to cover you completely in case of emergency.

So before you travel, make all the necessary research and find out this information in advance of arriving at your destination. Also, don't forget to carry prescriptions of all your medications whether you can buy them abroad or bring enough supplies of medicines during your trip.

7. Understand the Local Transportation System

You need to understand the mode of transportation of your host country. You can consult a map - but sometimes it can be very cumbersome. Or make friends with locals and get all the necessary guidance when it comes to commuting.

Aside from that, make a research about the neighborhood that you are going to live in or visit. Try to avoid places that are considered unsafe. You must understand the potential risks in the place that you are going to visit.

Try to remain alert for any suspicious activities. And if you have noticed or experience any suspicious activities, report them to authorities immediately. It is also would be nice to talk to fellow expat, nomads, and local folks to get a real-life insight into your neighborhood.

Expat – traveling, and backpacking abroad

It is a very fun and rewarding experience to travel abroad and live a nomad life. However, you need to make sure that you are safe while having fun in your host country. Although life as a nomad may not be a cakewalk at all times, it is best to be a little cautious to save you from a lot of hassles. Make all the precautionary measures before and during your travel abroad to have a wonderful and unforgettable time on your vacation.

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