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Business development manager at PGBS

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Virtual Reality in Real Estate Marketing

The advent of virtual reality (VR) and its increasing use in the real estate industry is transforming the way how realtors are marketing real estate properties and helping prospects to make informed decisions. Gone are the days when real estate agents had to organize real-life property visits for prospective home-buyers after several rounds of explanations and negotiations.

Customer Service Tips to Enjoy Continuous Customer Loyalty (12 Tips)

As a business manager, you know very well the importance of customer loyalty for sustaining your enterprise. To ensure the steady inflow of profitable business from them, you have to shape their perceptions positively in favor of your organization.

Digitized documents have a number of advantages over paper documents. They are easy to store, share and remain safe. Therefore, eBooks are being used widely across all industries.

For any e-commerce business focusing on customers beyond the restrictions of geographical boundaries, multilingual customer service for an e-commerce business is something unavoidable. You can’t ignore it if the ever-expanding customer base is what you crave for. Multilingual support positively impacts purchases, loyalty, and references

Business process outsourcing

Outsourcing has enormous benefits and that is the reason why many companies prefer to contract out, especially their back office tasks. 

magazine cover

Go through some amazing tips for creating great magazine templates and awesome designs that can create positive impact to get you the expected results.