Customer Experience Trends For 2017!

Technical evolutions and innovations have let the firms reach out for their potential prospects at a warp speed and are meeting the customer expectations that are almost unthinkable five years ago. Today when a customer has any question, he need not wait for the answer. All the customer queries are now addressed in real time or if this is not happening then they move towards the next readily and better option available in the market. As the competition is very tough today, the question that strikes in mind every time is how to get a hold on these impatient customers? In the present world of digitization, it is very important for a company to know the artwork of converting these restless prospects into valuable customers. Well, this article can be proved as a great handwork on some customer expectation trends for the new year. So let’s have a look!

Companies deep-dive into customer feedback:

Customer satisfaction is the toughest beast to handle in the entire zone of marketing and when it comes to solutions, one size does not fit all. Various solutions are available in the market but customer relationship is unique to every organization.And the growth of a service or I can say the growth of a company entirely depends upon how a customer feels about it precisely on their feedbacks. And one cannot come to a conclusion relying upon the surveys and scoring option as they continue to multiply and mature. One really needs to deep dive in order to fully understand their customer base.

Gathering Personal data for customer’s benefits:

Customers are more likely to share their personal information if they found a company both transparent and genuine. They prefer those retailers for business who use customer’s preferences to deliver a more relevant shopping experience. Organizations are regularly innovating new ways to collect customer information out of which they are generating valuable consumer insights that are focused on providing a tailored customer experience.  

Chatbots providing new opportunities for self-service:

Chatbots are meant for customizing the user experience. The purpose of chatbot is to deliver a direct and easy channel for communicating with a brand. Plus they also assume what a customer want based on their previous actions. Visitors can get on the spot answers to their queries, find out what’s on sale and all that too at a lower cost per contact for businesses.

Voice search will be the new norm:

Voice input is the path where the world is headed. This voice search feature gives customers the freedom to multitask. They can input their commands while cooking, shopping and driving as well. This latest feature is really intuitive, effective and way too cool to resist.

Companies track customer feedback across multiple platforms:

Organizations promote their products over the web via a variety of platforms that includes their own website, a number of relevant social media sites plus retail sites.  And it is the behavior of consumers that they purchase a product on one platform and post queries on another. In such scenarios, it becomes imperative to track feedback and deliver timely answers to retain customer relationships. According to the studies, 62% of retailers claim to have functionalities for processing multi-channel feedbacks to produce single snapshots of customers.

Emulating with what your market competitors are doing has never been so easy but there is no other alternative. So take inspirations from trendsetters like Amazon, Apple, Uber, and Zappos. Always keep people, strategies and processes in place to promote deeper listening and to make your customers feel like they are at a top priority which is for sure a winning situation for both companies and consumers.


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