Check These 3 Things Off Your List When Buying a Pedestal Fan

pedestal fan

A pedestal fan is great at bringing down the temperature across both big and small rooms, and it is one of the best fans you can buy owing to its increased mobility, flexibility, and low cost. So, if you are planning to buy a pedestal fan anytime soon, we are here to help you make the right decision to choose a fan that will last for years to come while keeping you cool during the hotter summer days. 

Pick the Right Size

Pedestal fans are available in different sizes; therefore, choosing the right size is important. Choosing a pedestal fan for a smaller room is easy because it has to deal with less area to cool, but if you have a big room, you need to choose a fan that has a bigger span area – so that it can effectively bring down the overall temperature without much trouble. Additionally, if you want to cool an area that can be called humongous at best, it’s better to go for multiple pedestal fans for a better cooling effect. 

Watch Out for Sound

There was a time when pedestal fans were synonymous with a loud noise, but that’s not the case these days. Today, good-quality pedestal fans are designed to minimize sound so that you can have peaceful conversations or watch television without noise. But, that’s the case only when you buy a pedestal fan from a reputed manufacturer because even though the ones by less reputed brands do cost less, they are generally not noiseless. 

Plus, these cheap fans are mostly made using cheaper components and, therefore, aren’t as good when it comes to operating quietly. So, it’s best to spend a little more and buy a pedestal fan from a reputable brand if you value your peace of mind. 

The Mojo Plus (400 mm) by Luminous is one of the best noise-free pedestal fans available in the market. You can go for this option if you’re looking for a sleek but effective pedestal fan.

Robust Design

Pedestal fans are designed for flexible operations, and they can be moved around the house as and when needed. But if you plan to move your fan around, you need to ensure that the base of the fan is solid enough to deal with all of that movement. So, it is best to go for a fan with a robust design so that the base of the fan is strong enough to hold the fan’s weight, as a weak design will eventually cause a breakdown, and it’s better to avoid it as much as possible. 

The Speed Pro (400 mm) is one of the best pedestal fans available in the market today, and its robust design allows it to offer excellent airflow and function with minimal maintenance. 

Luminous has a range of pedestal fans, all designed from the ground up using only the best components for a completely noiseless and vibration-free operation. So, if you are looking for a pedestal fan that’s of high quality and provides the most value for money, you should check out their catalog. 

Here’s what makes their pedestal fans stand out:

  • High-grade engineering gives them robustness along with a smooth, classy look. 
  • Made of durable plastic and metal with an aerodynamic design, they are great for home, industrial, and commercial applications. 
  • Self-aligning sintered bronze bearings provide a noiseless operation for complete peace of mind. 
  • Offers thermal overload protection with a handy reset feature.
  • Aluminum motor covers offer better heat dissipation. 
  • Built using synchronous motor assembly as compared to a gearbox for smoother oscillation.

Moreover, all of these features come backed by Luminous’ trust and excellent design, resulting in longer service lives, lower maintenance costs, and reduced electricity bills –making them a complete package. Therefore, if you are looking for a pedestal fan that can last for years without much upkeep and is built to last, then make sure to check out their complete range of stellar products right away to bring home the fan that’s the best fit for your needs and requirements. 

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