Top 8 Reasons to Tell Why a Reliable AED Is Designed

Reliable AED

According to the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration, around 10,000 people get cardiac arrest at workplaces each year while 900 Americans die each day from the deadly cardiac arrest[1]. No wonder it is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Health experts and doctors have concluded that if a person having a cardiac arrest does not get help within 10 minutes, the chances of survival become very rare.

A ray of hope in circumstances like these would be a reliable life-saving AED that can give another chance at life to the person in need.

What is an AED heart shock machine?

Before we get to the point, it would be useful to know what an AED machine is and how does it work. AED is the abbreviation of Automatic External Defibrillator, which is a device that instantly restores the regular heartbeat of the person having a cardiac arrest by an electric shock.  If immediate CPR or defibrillation isn’t provided timely, the survival chance decreases by up to 10% with each passing minute[2]. That’s where a reliable AED comes into the picture. AED  machine is proved to be an effective tool to increase the survival rate in public by American Heart Association and also the European Resuscitation Council as it can resuscitate the heart the first thing a person needs right after his heart goes into a cardiac arrest.

What does an AED do?

The complete AED box contains main unit of AED device and a pair of electrode pads. When you get an AED machine, all you need to do is start the lifesaving box and follow the voice prompt for the rest of the steps. The moment you open the box, it starts giving you instructions. After attaching the pads to the chest of the person, a reliable AED will assess and identify the abnormal heart rhythms (Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) or Ventricular Tachycardia (VT)) and decide whether there is a need for defibrillation or CPR. In case of need for defibrillation, it will instruct you to push the shock button or in some fully automatic models, it just announces and delivers the electric shock automatically.

There are many reports that confirm the success of these automatic external defibrillators and how they have prevented the mortality rates resulting from workplace cardiac arrest.

AED device

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Why do we need a reliable AED device?

There are some good news and bad news for AED. The good news is many people in the US know what an AED machine is and are trained to use it. On the other hand, people do not want to use it and fear to be involved in the sudden process due to many reasons. One of the top reasons for it is fear of doing more harm than benefit. However, the benefits of installing a reliable AED device are more than what you think.

Life Saving: As evident this one is. It is true that having a reliable AED can save many lives. A person having cardiac arrest needs help within 10 minutes at all costs. Calling an emergency won’t be enough as with every passing minute, the survival chance drops.

Even though EMS takes up to 4 minutes to arrive at the earliest and if the victim cannot survive those four minutes, who is to blame here? Thus, having a reliable AED on-site can really help to save a life.

Builds User Confidence: Having a reliable AED can really build user confidence and cut down the fear involved in an emergency at work. If a person knows the device he is using is the right one, it will ultimately boost his confidence and can be of help to somebody in need.
Easy to Use: An AED is super easy to use and you must know that you cannot accidentally shock anyone while using it. It walks you through the whole process step by step, analyses the heart rhythm of the patient, and will shock the patient only when needed. The fact is a sixth-grader can use an AED easily.

Improves Practicality: A reliable AED at the workplace can increase the practicality among the employees by many folds.
Unexpected Use: If you don’t have any person around you having cardiac problems, it does not mean that you don’t need to have an AED. Anybody can go into cardiac arrest unexpectedly and you never know when it will happen.
Cost Friendly: A good, reliable AED can cost you less than $2000 only with a life expectancy of up to 10 years and very low maintenance charges. Do you think any life is not worthy of that amount of money?

Safety of Large Groups: At places that have people gathered in large numbers like stadiums, churches, restaurants, schools, airports, there is an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrests, and having a reliable AED in the vicinity will ensure the safety of large groups of people.
A Safe Environment: At places like construction sites where people are involved in strenuous exercises like construction sites, or where people tend to involve in exercises like a tennis court, gym, or a soccer field, having a reliable AED will provide them with a safe environment to carry on their activities.

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What actually is a Reliable AED?

Functions of a reliable AED just like any other AED company’s, but the difference is it is well-built to user ease, belongs to a reputable brand, and has a history of good service. One more thing that we tend to overlook after investing in an AED is that it needs to be maintained in order to be any good for you. We have been in awe of Mindray’s AED device and its monitoring system that monitors the condition of AEDs itself cutting yourself the hassle.


Summing Up:

After having established the significance of AED machine and why we need a reliable one, it is not an ambiguity anymore. If you live with someone having a heart disease or own your workplace, you need to get an easy-to-use AED from a reliable AED company soon and build a safe environment for you and your family members/employees.



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