Candid vs. Classy Wedding Photographer: Who to Choose?

Candid vs. Classy Wedding Photographer: Who to Choose?

Wedding photographers are those special people who participate in hundreds of weddings, see all details and document them with a camera. They are those magic fairies who will help you recollect those special feelings and emotions from the magical day of your wedding. If you are interested in documenting your wedding and ensuring that even after dozens of years you will be interested in your wedding photos, then looking for a special professional wedding photographer is of utmost importance for you.

There are two main umbrella terms for photography in general, namely candid and traditional. If you have never heard them before, it’s even better because below you can find extensive explanation of these terms and several tips on how to choose among wedding photographers and different styles they offer.

The Difference

Candid and traditional photography is just the use of elaborate language. In reality candid photography involves a photographer who takes pictures of you and your friends when you are not aware of it. Candid wedding photographers usually catch such deep emotions and take unexpected shots. Their work is always very deep and often is a combination of luck, experience and unusual composition of the image. Wedding photographers working within this genre frame generally are those unseen professionals who move around  the wedding party and take photos of the events right as they happen without any possible preparation or rehearsals at all.

A lot of people choose candid wedding photographers because they are able to catch those hidden emotions that may come to the surface only for a second. Such photography also creates more relaxed and lively photos for the wedding album if compared to traditional photo approach. When people don’t know that they are being photographed, they usually convey emotions more open and in a more truthful way so you can later observe the true moments of happiness on your guests faces.

Traditional photography is the one we are used to during photo sessions. This is a more formal approach to the way and means the wedding photos are taken. When a wedding photographer works within the candid photography approach, he or she capture those perfect moments in order to create a magical shot; in traditional photography those perfect moments are not caught, but created to receive best shots by means of experience and not just luck. In this photography people on photos can have their hair and makeup fixed, assistants help to put dresses in the right way, create simple positions for the people on the photos to ensure that everything looks perfect on the shot.

Traditional photography approach is often very appreciated by the elderly family member who prefer getting themselves together for one great shot instead of a hundred of wasted ones.

So What’s Better?

So now the question is what approach to choose for your wedding day? What kind of wedding photographer to look for?

The answer is simple – look for a one-size-fits-all photographer who will be able to make traditional shots at your wedding photo shooting and at the same time will catch the true hidden emotions on your faces during the reception. In case you can hire two wedding photographers or get one with an assistant, you will get the best results. In such a situation one of the photographers will deal with traditional shots for every wedding guest to ensure that each and every of your guests receives at least one great picture from the wedding. The second photographer of the assistant at the same time will be hunting for the true emotions and will likely to succeed because while you’re occupied with smiling to the first camera, the second one can catch everything in between.

Hiring two photographers can help you create two wedding albums – one to show your kids and family, and the second one with funny faces and open emotions for the home use only.

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