Can Your Web Hosting Package Affect the SEO of Your Website?

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The short answer is YES. It can harm your SEO Rankings.

When it comes to SEO and website promotion, then the details are those who play the most important role in the end. One of those  - usually not given the needed gravity - is the choice of your web hosting provider.

Future Webmasters most of the time, hosting is one of the last stuff to think.

But this is completely wrong!

The web hosting company and the kind of hosting you are going to choose plays a huge role in the rankings of your website on Google and on all search engines.

Your hosting company can either uplift your rankings with some important features (security sites, fast speeds, and so on) or completely destroy your website.

Obviously, you want the first script!

Let's see through 5 ways that a hosting company affects your website and SEO.

1) The speed of your website is a very important factor!

For Google and for all search engines in general, the speed that your website loads is a very important ranking criterion!

The faster your page loads, the better it will be placed on the organic results in the search engines.

Of course, the fast speed of a website alone can not push your website to the first results, but it will certainly help if you already have a website and want to improve your results!

A slow website leads to irritation of users as they have a very bad user experience.

The result of this is to generate a large percentage of bounce rate – that is to just visit a page and close it immediately.

2) Data loss

Surely you will never want to live it, but there is the case that your whole website is destroyed and there is nothing online!

This can happen if your hosting company receives an attack from hackers and can be exploited from vulnerabilities to its data servers.

If the files and content of your website are lost, then you will automatically lose and any good rankings you have on Google and on all major search engines.

To prevent this from happening, be careful to choose a good web hosting company that watches your data and always keeps a backup of them.

3) SSL Certificate

An SSL security certificate increases confidence in your website for both your visitors and search engines.

If you do not have a security certificate and – especially – if you accept payments or have data entry from your visitors, then surely Google will not trust you!

Since 2014, Google has admitted that the SSL certificate is a ranking factor for several websites.

Read more about SSL Certificates here.

4) Uptime counts!

No company can guarantee 100% uptime. Even if you host on different servers and in cloud services, something can be done and at the same time all the servers that are hosting you fall.

But this can happen very rarely and at a frequency smaller than once in ten years.

Conversely, if you host to a small company that doesn't have backup solutions, then your uptime may be considerably smaller than 99.99% every month.

Downtime on your website has a negative impact on both user experience and search engine rankings.

Choose a company that guarantees through SLA 99.99% uptime The least of every month!

5) Server location

As we have mentioned in other previous articles, the site of the server plays a very important role in the rankings in the search engines.

If your website is addressed to Greece and/or Europe, then you should choose web hosting with servers in Greece.

Web Hosting in Greece will have multiple benefits such as faster speed to visitors from Europe as well as better local results on Google in these places!

How do you choose the appropriate web hosting company?

A web hosting company to be suitable for your website, does not need to provide dozens of SEO tools (such as registration in directories, search engines, etc) to be considered valuable - so don't bite that.

These tools were valuable in previous years, but not now.

If you want to learn about the best hosting websites, just go online and read through other people reviews. My personal favourite is Trustpilot. I suggest checking them as well.

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